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Laser Tag party - fun or scary?

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malloo Wed 07-Nov-12 21:21:36

Anyone got experience of these places? Are they very noisy/ dark? DS (8) has been invited to one but he's a bit of sensitive soul (and has Aspergers) and he's worried that it will be scary. Also not keen on the idea of running around shooting people, he's never really 'got' that kind of playing!! He's good friends with the birthday boy though so doesn't want to say no.

DrSeuss Thu 08-Nov-12 10:14:07

DS loves it at nearly seven. Yes, they are dark, yes, they can be noisy. The whole thing is running and shooting at one another in a safe environment. If he dislikes noise, shooting or dark it just won't work sad Could he sit that bit out/ The place near us does other stuff such as bowling, could he do that instead? Have a word with the other boy's parents, maybe they can arrange something.

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