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MIL present help?

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LaplanderAndProud Wed 26-Sep-12 20:19:55

She's 84. She lives in London (I live in Stockholm), but we'll be coming over three weeks before her birthday (SIL is giving birth to twins, and we also want to spend some time there). Her birthday's in November, so quite a while, but I still need help!

This is what I've come up with (I think it's better to order it in England)
- shakespeare's globe tour. She's very active for an 84yr old (she's more 75 I'd say) and would enjoy it.
-visit to RHS garden and tea
-Personalised chocolates
- personalised chopping board (she loves to cook)
- personalised chocolate hamper
- oxford riverboat

We don't have much money (Stockholm's really expensive) but she's lovely, she really is. She adopted DH, aged fifty, when he was ten, and I really want to give her a gift, especially as she is one of only two of her (ten) siblings left, and is the oldest by far.

Jux Wed 26-Sep-12 21:32:23

Oh that's such a nice story! All of those sound good. When would the tour be? I am just thinking November and cold.
The garden wouldn't be that spectacular that month either.
Bloody cold on the river in winter too.

Do you have preference? What does your dh think?

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