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Egyptian themed party for 4yo

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troublegum Thu 20-Sep-12 15:38:27

My Dd turns 4 in November and I'm starting to think of ideas for a birthday party theme. She is OBSESSED with anything to do with Ancient Egypt, so I thought it might be the ideal theme... but I'm struggling to think of any ideas! For party bags/decorations/activities/food. So far I have:

Gold bars (the Mcvities biscuit type)
Gold coins
Candy necklaces
Haribo ring sweets ...going with a 'treasure found in the tomb' theme here!

Some kind of hieroglyphic decorations

A pyramid cake (I have NO experience with baking/decorating interesting cakes but willing to give it a go!)

And that's it! Any ideas whatsoever welcome before I give up and do something boring simple instead.

codebrown Thu 20-Sep-12 17:25:30

Pin the tail on the camel
Treasure hunt with heiroglyphics hidden all over the place, most wins the prize.
Tea towels on heads as they enter.
Bangles on the stereo for musical bumps.
Flap a scorpion (instead of flap a kipper).
Sleeping sphynxes (instead of tigers)
think you get my drift. Go on any party website and look at games and bastardise them with anything vaguely desertlike/egyptian.

3duracellbunnies Fri 21-Sep-12 02:00:49

The mummy game - have 2 or more teams depending on number inviited, probably want no more than 4 per group. Each group has to nominate a 'mummie', the rest of the group are then given budget value loo rolls (approx 2/3 per team) and has to wrap up their 'mummie' in loo roll, can give prizes for first finished, most covered, most realistic etc.

similar with building blocks. Mine are a bit older so would use lego, other blocks would do but you would need lots. See which team can build the tallest/most accuate/ quickest pyramid. Again you can make the categories up afterwards so you make sure that everyone wins something

What's the time Mr Crocodile

Pharoah's treasure where one child sits on their 'throne' blindfolded (practise with your dd before as some might be a bit scared still, but if she is confident, some others will volunteer). Under the throne is a set of keys. Other children sit in a circle around, one child is chosen by you by being tapped on the shoulder. They are the theif and have to creep to pick up the keys and sit down. The child in the middle has to point if they think they hear the theif and either the person is caught if they point at them, or the child in the middle has to also guess who it is to make it harder.

Can do some craft stuff too, decorate a mache sarcophogus pencil case (sell some in hobby craft) which they can then take home with some sweets in.

Archeology game where you bury royal treasures (bits of toy tea sets, cheap jewellery) in a sand box and each treasure can be swopped for (performance related pay) a sweet.

For an older audience you can have a 'guess what is in the conopic jars' where they put their hand in to feel liver (jelly); brains (ok in bin not jar; spaghetti). Not sure if quite suitable for younger audience. We might. be doing similar theme for dd2's 6th, she is also an Egyptologist, still trying to decide between horrible histories or narnia!

troublegum Fri 21-Sep-12 20:46:54

Ooh I love these ideas! Think we'll just do a couple of games as most of Dds friends are 3 rather than 4 or 5, and not sure how well they'll manage with game rules/competition. Definitely pin the tail on the camel! And wrapping each other up as mummies. Bangles on repeat! 3duracellbunnies you must let me know if you do end up doing an egyptian themed party and if it is a success.

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