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good quality, square paper table cloths, reasonably priced - where?

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lilolilmanchester Sun 09-Sep-12 20:28:04

ok, so found these and now have lost the link. Am stressed beyond stressed with various other things going on right now so would truly appreciate some MN internet search help.... looking for square table cloths (to go over small round tables), in navy or very dark blue.Need 25, so looking for multipacks. I did find a site but have lost the link, and there are other things going on I don't want to explain which have given me no time to try find said link...... any search help would be massively appreciated x

radionauto Fri 12-Oct-12 11:52:36

Hello there, i can help with this as i've just bought some as of this week!

We're having a Halloween party and i was looking for the same sort of thing, paper table cloths that are a bit stronger than the stuff you find in Asda. They arrived yesterday. Have a look at this website:,1,0,Paper_Table_Cloths_and_Banquet_Rolls.html

I bought the orange and black banquet roll in the end, but i'm sure they'll do a dark blue too.

Hope this helps smile

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