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Jungle Theme party for 4yr old - ideas appreciated

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kiwidreamer Sun 24-Jun-12 15:14:36

So DS decided he wanted a jungle themed cake from my cake decorating book and I thought it would be cool to stretch out the theme to the party but most jungle stuff out there is quite cartoony and babyish so I'm having to come up with ideas myself! Any suggestions / experiences welcome!!!

I thought I could decorate with green / brown streamers in the door ways, that the kids have to swish through. On arrival will get them to lucky dip to choose a parcel that will have a foam animal mask and a matching 'tail' the tail is actually a hair extension piece that is kind of animal print LOL and the colours will match the mask. I've bought a blow up monkey! I have generic Happy Birthday napkins / table cloth/ party bags from Tesco with multi coloured stars, will make green and orange the theme colours (balloons, plastic picnic plates etc). Thinking about getting 10 balloons filled with helium at local party shop and have those bouncing around the roof, one for each of the kids to take home. Party bags will be their masks / tails, a wind up bug, tube of smarties, sticker sheet of animals and bubbles.

Will be crossing fingers tight for fine weather but judging by the summer so far its a long shot. Thought about hiring a garden size Snakes and Ladders and putting little prizes on it for the kids to play in their masks / tails when they first arrive.

Am waiting to hear back for the prices of the magician / entertainer but thought could do that for a hour, then party food picnic on rugs inside or out, simple food in animal themed boxes.

Then for last half hour maybe a bunch of cheap Poundshop toys to chase around after and a Jungle Hunt... we have a bunch of plastic animals (lions, giraffes etc) that I could hide around the garden, question is how to run the jungle / treasure hunt, could they work together to collect 15 animals and then all get a lucky dip prize?? Or I have gold coins. They cant read yet obviously so no clues, could do picture clues and have a treasure chest at last clue with named prizes?? Which sounds better??

Maybe a pinata??

Does this sound like 2hrs of entertainment? Any other ways to jungle it up a bit??

ilovemyskunks Tue 22-Jan-13 00:31:55

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