Children's party entertainers in Surrey?

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annh Thu 02-Feb-06 16:30:12

Anyone got any good ones? Looking for someone who preferably does not cost the earth for ds2's 5th birthday party. We are near Woking.

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LIZS Thu 02-Feb-06 16:48:55

This guy is proving very popular with ours of same age group atm. Entertaining for the adults too !! Not sure where he is based or how much he costs though. Have also seen Stevan and Bitza the Dog but wasn't so impressed. Have you checked out The Grapevine for suggestions ?

hoppybird Thu 02-Feb-06 21:17:03

How about Jelly Kelly or Billy Bonkers ?

mandieb Thu 02-Feb-06 21:49:53

jolly dolly based in surrey is fab and really good .dont know her number but can seriously reccomend her

mandieb Thu 02-Feb-06 21:54:51

Had to look it up for you as she is very good
Jolly Do;;ys Magic
99, Hetherington Rd, Shepperton, Middlesex TW17 0SN
Tel: 01932 786023 ollys Magic

LadySherlockofLGJ Thu 02-Feb-06 21:57:02

Uncle Charlie...........

LadySherlockofLGJ Thu 02-Feb-06 21:59:19

Uncle Charley


lexiemum Fri 03-Feb-06 22:10:31

comes highly recommended, will cover everything for you except food.

or go to

annh Wed 08-Feb-06 16:58:17

Sorry, meant to come back and say thank you for all the ideas. Looks like we will be going with Jelly Kelly, I suspect not the cheapest of the bunch but she sounded so lovely on the phone and the activities sounded brilliant as well. So thanks for all the help!

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Issymum Wed 08-Feb-06 17:33:42

Please come back with a report on Ms Jelly Kelly - we may be in the market for a party entertainer in Surrey some time in the next year or so!

annh Wed 08-Feb-06 19:34:34

Will do! Party not until begining of April.

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hoppybird Thu 09-Feb-06 12:46:47

We had Jelly Kelly for my ds's 5th birthday, and she'd also done a show at his school. She really is a lovely lady, and a complete professional. One of he ds's little schoolfriends liked her so much he insisted that she came to his party too, so we'll be seeing her again in March! I really wouldn't hesitate in recommending her.

HAPPYFACE Wed 13-Sep-06 10:27:09

Thought I'd revive this thread. annh did you have Jelly Kelly? was she any good? I've always had soft play parties before but am thinking of hiring a hall this year and want to have an entertainer.
If anyone recommends anyone else please let me know.
Also does anyone know someone who would do food, I'd rather not take on much responsibility, my dh went out and got happy maels from mcdonalds last year! They got them ready in advance, it was really easy!
thanks in advance.

HAPPYFACE Wed 13-Sep-06 10:28:15

Oh forgot to add my dd will be 5 years old.

foxtrot Thu 14-Sep-06 14:47:28

we're going to a jelly kelly party next weekend, i've not seen her before but apparently she comes highly recommended.

HAPPYFACE Thu 14-Sep-06 15:38:04

Thanks foxtrot can you let me know what you think of her? My dh is flabberghasted at the price she has quoted, he said it's not brain surgery! However I think you pay for what you get!

CountessDracula Thu 14-Sep-06 15:42:02

DH did ours at dd's party recently

He hired a tiger outfit and came as the tiger who came to tea. As they were finishing tea I said that I would read them the story and then he rang the doorbell and acted out the whole book. God they LOVED it! And it cost nothing

foxtrot Thu 14-Sep-06 16:01:02

I will, yes

LionPearce Wed 20-Sep-06 14:22:21

It is my daughter's 7th Birthday on 19th October - any good ideas for a party? Tried to book swimming party but you have to book it about a year in advance She loves gym so it could be something physical - we are based between Leatherhead and Dorking. Many thanks for any help.

southeastastra Wed 20-Sep-06 14:24:30

wow CD that's a brilliant idea! did the tiger drink all daddy's beer?

CountessDracula Wed 20-Sep-06 14:27:58

He did

And all the water in the tap
and allt he tea in the pot and milk in the milk jug

It was brilliant

He had his face painted too so he really looked tigerish

southeastastra Wed 20-Sep-06 14:34:39

ahh! that's so good!

CountessDracula Wed 20-Sep-06 14:45:12

it is really worth doing for little ones

It was so sweet, he picked dd up and she really wasn't sure whther it was him or not! After a while sitting on his lap she said "is that you daddy?" and an audible whisper went round the table amongst 11 4yos "ooh it's her daddy, do you think it is?"

jan1kidspartycaterer Wed 20-Sep-06 15:47:58

Does your party have a theme? I know lots of party entertainers who will suit any theme(smile)

foxtrot Sat 23-Sep-06 19:07:18

Back now,from Jelly Kelly, with glass of wine in hand. Well, i have to say from where i was sitting JK is a safe bet. The party was for 4 yr old, so a mix of ages there. Perfect for a 5 yr old, if he's willing to get up and assist with tricks. Two hours flew by, with a proper show with all the kids sitting on the floor participating. Then JK amused them whilst eating tea, then did a dancing/dressing up game until home time. And the most brilliant balloon models to bring home. All the kids seemed to enjoy her. Definately worth calling her to see how much.

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