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Shirley's party advice thread part 2

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stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Dec-11 09:16:09

...can I take the liberty of starting another thread, since the other one filled up?

Blatherskite Wed 14-Dec-11 13:32:22

Yey! I was beginning to panic that you'd all left me!

I typed a huge post and then it said "this thread is too big to accept new messages"

Luckily, it let me go back and C+P it grin

Sounds about right to me MrsJangles. Maybe some sandwiches for the super fussy? My food list is above if you want to have a look.

Right, I have...

- Wrapped the pass the parcel and reused one of the sweetie boxes from yesterday to house my stash of spare sweets for the "losers"
- Made the cake to go on the cake. It looks very sweet and I've put 2 Angel Flame candles in the top for DD to blow out. One will have a red flame and one will have blue which will match the cups on the table.
I've bagged up everything I've got so far and have 1 bag for decorations which has all the ballons and banners in plus tape and blu tak for holding them up. I've also stuck in scissors and assorted rubbish bags so we can sort the recycling out as we go. I've got 2 bags of food!, a bag for activities which only need the gingerbread bears to go in now but I'm not going to make them until Friday so they're fresh. There is also a bag full of plates, cups, tablecloths etc.
- I've made Mum's Granola and Hot Choc mix and re-wrapped the Christmas pud nicely.
- I've made up DBIL's hamper.
I even managed to have lunch smile

I still need to work out how to glaze my sausges (I'm going to pop to Hobbycraft again and have a look what they have while I get ribbon for Mum's cake), marzipan Mum's cake ready to ice it in a day or two and make the Biscotti.

I think I'm doing ok! shock

stealthsquiggle Wed 14-Dec-11 16:02:52

blathers I wrote a long post about sausage glazing (amongst other such vital things) and it bounced and wouldn't let me go back to C & P. I will try and remember the rest later, but piping gel is what you need.

Tinkerisdead Wed 14-Dec-11 16:37:42

Helloooo new thread. I was gonna say piping gel or you can by glaze for sugarpaste blathers. Sorry dd's just 'writing' and i can hear her saying 'dear father christmas, i love In many .... Different... Ways.

Cant stop laughing, god knows where shes picked that up.

Anyway, blathers, sounds like you've achieved loads!! Whats still left?

Ive cleaned the house for inspection, just need to dust the bedrooms. I had a glorious hormonal tantrum on dh because he's playing pool tomorrow then going to watch darts in london. I threw a big fit at being tired, doing all the cleaning and christmas etc. I didnt feel well so asked midwife to check me over but all fine. Told dh i dont want to visit everyone over xmas as im so tired. He said we may as well be recluses and has scheduled visits on 23rd, 24th, 26th and 29th dec. Im very close to telling him to go alone. And although i was ready for xmas, now ive got no food in except sausage rolls, sausages in bacon, stuffing and gravy and an uniced cake.

I need some of your whirlwind action blathers.

BlastOff Wed 14-Dec-11 17:58:30

Mrsjangles (hope you find this thread) I second sandwiches, and have found at the last few parties ds has been to that the jelly doesn't get eaten. Can't remember if you had things like cucumber sticks/ carrots etc. what age are the children?

Blathers - sorry, had a snigger at how to make your sausages shiny <childish emoticon> and don't even have a useful suggestion - luckily the rest have. Can we di anything to help? You sound very in control and you've done brilliantly with your list.

TheDW - Sounds like you need to put your feet up and have a rest. I found being pregnant and looking after a toddler much more exhausting than having a newborn and a toddler - this is the hardest bit. I hope you feel better soon.

Stealthsquiggle - meant to say I had a browse at your cakes when you linked them a few days ago. Amazing! I'd love to have a go but wouldn't even know where to start, and just know it would look a bit like ds had done it. Actually might have a go and then can blame it in him if it all goes horribly wrong. I'll say he fell on them or had a go himself or something grin

Shirley - hope all is well with you.

Blatherskite Wed 14-Dec-11 21:13:11

I've had to remake the plates! The first set welded themselves to the lids I'd used to mould them and fell to bits when I tried to get them off. New set are not quite so fragile and have cling film under them to stop them sticking. Cake should arrive tomorrow afternoon and then I can get cracking. I tried the glycerine on a couple of sausages and it seems to have worked which saves me another trip to Hobbycraft which will save me buying more^ teddy bear decorations! The visit earlier added jelly diamonds and pink glitter sugar to my arsenal smile

The food has to be done on the morning of the party really (luckily it's not till 12) so I'm not worrying about that yet. Jobs for tomorrow are finishing the cake, making the royal icing for Mum's cake and cleaning as much as I can manage - including washing the sofa cushions as DD seems to have spilt juice over one of them! I managed to marzipan Mum's cake this afternoon and decorate the other bits of the hamper with ribbon and tags etc.

My back is really, really hurting now though from being stood all day so I'm numbing it with Baileys and trying to write out our Christmas cards.

I cannot wait for this party to be over now! I've decided party planning is a bit like hangovers. When you're suffering you say "Never again" then time passes and it seems like a good idea again. Right now, DS is getting a Pizza Express party and a pre-made cake from Tesco but I bet you come March I'm busy planning extravagant party bags and a complex bloody cake again!

ShirleyKnot Wed 14-Dec-11 21:41:23


Had no internet access at work at all this work for the tail end of last week and and and and...

then I wrote a message and the THREAD WAS FULL

and so...I'm off to catch up.

ShirleyKnot Wed 14-Dec-11 21:43:19


Everything is sorted.


Blatherskite Wed 14-Dec-11 21:46:57

Not quite. I'm still panicing!

ShirleyKnot Wed 14-Dec-11 21:51:59


(oh and I've got to tell you this - I was listening to the Radio 4 afternoon play yesterday in my lunch hour <old> and they used the term "He's a blatherskite" and I only bloody well thought of you and did a big "O" mouth and then a big "DER" face while I was in my car and someone in the car next to me smiled at me and that is the end of my story about hearing your username while driving to get some lunch yesterday)

Blatherskite Wed 14-Dec-11 21:59:51

smile Even the wise Mme Lindt thought it was a reference to someone named Blather with a kite. It is in fact a very clever* username with meaning and everything

*may just be me who thinks it's clever

ShirleyKnot Wed 14-Dec-11 22:03:37

Tis very scottish, no? and means someone who is inflated with their own importance - like someone full of hot air?



That's SO not you!

Blatherskite Wed 14-Dec-11 22:15:27

I think the 'official' meaning is "someone open to empty or volumable talk" - basically somone who talks a lot while actually saying nothing - which fits perfectly wink

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Dec-11 12:16:31

6 penguins, completed and installed on their cakes last night (well, in the early hours of the morning, anyway) - DC fighting this morning over who was going to give which one to which teacher (they are all different) but I didn't really listen because I don't plan to wrap them until tonight (for delivery through the snow tomorrow) and I was trying to get them out of the house at the time, cursing the fact that the school had a late start this morning (because of late finish tonight) leaving me with zero margin on my journey to work.[yawn]

How's it going, Blathers?

Shirley - we you don't seem to have many "Christmas/New Year" party "customers" ATM?

Blastoff - thanks blush for cake comments - I shall put up the penguin pictures later tonight!

BettyBum Thu 15-Dec-11 12:53:12

Hi Shirley, I wondered if you had any unusual/quirky ideas for a surprise 30th for my DP on 21st Jan, (at our house)

Blatherskite Thu 15-Dec-11 12:56:46

The cake is here! <panics>

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Dec-11 13:12:08

What sort of scale, BettyBum? I have been looking for some time for an excuse to use these people, for example...

BettyBum Thu 15-Dec-11 13:15:42

Oh gosh maybe think smaller budget! Looks fun though envy

About 20-30 people...

stealthsquiggle Thu 15-Dec-11 13:22:27

You can get just the bus without the marquee (but yes, still lots of money and I am starting to save now for next "significant" birthday in 7 years time grin)

ShirleyKnot Thu 15-Dec-11 13:59:59

Hello Betty!

Erm. So a surprise party for a 30th eh? Where are you having it? At home or a hall or a restaurant or what?

Going to throw a few ideas out there and you can take 'em or leave 'em (also, check out the old thread too, there are loads of ideas over there)

1) 1980's party - DH born in 1982? Great fun and not too expensive. Easy to get decorations, music and you could make it fancy dress (if you're into that at all)

2) Theme around a hobby? Is he wildly into anything that could be used?

3) Favourite film? James Bond, Indiana Jones, something like that?

What's his favourite food - could you do something based around that (y'know like a mexican Fiesta! or a Chinese New Year type of thing? Jan 23rd is the Chinese New Year in 2012 - that could be FAB!)

BettyBum Thu 15-Dec-11 15:26:41

Hiya Shirley!

It's at home. He is into boxing in a big way! Food- he loves it all!! grin

I would love a hog roast but bet they are £££££££.

Eighties theme could be a laugh!!

ShirleyKnot Thu 15-Dec-11 16:06:06

What about a Rocky party then?

HA! That could be good fun - and will tie in the 80's and Boxing!

ShirleyKnot Thu 15-Dec-11 16:07:49

Oh! and then you could do US themed food - which won't be too horribly expensive.

Hog roasts can be pretty spendy - but seriously, you can make a terrific pulled pork of your own if you have a slow cooker (and cheap as FUCK!) got a recipe if you want?

Let me know which party you fancy and I'll pull some ideas together for you.

BettyBum Thu 15-Dec-11 19:07:19

Ooh a Rocky party sounds good! Tell me more!...

ShirleyKnot Thu 15-Dec-11 20:45:25

<rubs hands together>

I presume we're talking fairly low budget? Coming so soon after Christmas and all? I'll give you some options OK?


Download an image (something like this maybe and superimpose your text onto the top of the pic (or have the pic in the centre of your invitation and the text at the top and the bottom)

You want something like. Invites: "YO HOW YOU DOIN'? THE CHAMP WOULD LIKE TO INVITE YOUS TO CELEBRATE ___'S 30TH BIRTHDAY THIS (insert date) AT (insert time). DON'T BE NO BUM; COME DRESSED IN YOUR BEST "ROCKY BALBOA" ATTIRE & BE READY TO ENJOY A KNOCK-OUT SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY!" (I found this link with loads of ideas for a Rocky party) If you want to make it fancy dress then you can stipulate this on the invite (v easy to do really, just tracksuits or dressing gowns and shorts! grin OR you could make it just an 80's fancy dress theme if you want - it'll work!

If you're a little more flush how about here and creating your own invite online? I wonder if you could somehow get your DH to do a Rocky pose and take a pic without arousing suspicion. <ponders>


Some ideas here

Love the idea of making the main party room look a bit like a boxing gym - you can definitely download a bunch of images from the net of stills from the film and blow them up before printing. Rope is a great idea and you can also go for lots of american flags look here or you can go for the 80s theme here


Right - I would deffo go for a US theme foodwise. Rocky was a Philadelphian so I'm SO tempted to tell you to go for their state food - Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches, but I fear this will drive you potty and is not worth the instead how about a buffet of traditional american foods?

So for some authentic bits and bobs look here it's a bit expensive so just a few bits I think - a big bowl of "candy" maybe or some Gatorade to drink?

Do you want my pulled pork recipe? You can serve pulled pork sandwiches, southern fried chicken, popcorn, hotdogs and burgers - most of this stuff can be cooked in advance and kept warm.

Music - piece of piss, all 80's obviously.

The SURPRISE - have you thought about this yet? It would be great if as he walks in you could have Eye of The Tiger playing.

Mammoth post. <wipes sweaty brow>

Tell me if you need anymore...

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