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Treasure hunt . . .

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WhoseGotMyEyebrows Mon 17-Oct-11 16:45:47

Does any one have any ideas of what else the kids could collect apart from coins?

purplewerepidj Mon 17-Oct-11 16:48:36

What's the theme of the party?

Eg if military, use those little plastic soldiers that come in bags of 100 for about £2

Or, if princesses, get loads of big plastic jewels.

What age are the kids? If old enough to read fairly independently, could they work in teams to follow clues to a big prize?

WhoseGotMyEyebrows Mon 17-Oct-11 17:04:32

Varied ages so some not old enough to follow clues. It's a superhero party.

purplewerepidj Mon 17-Oct-11 17:24:58

Colours of the rainbow leading to Rainbow Man?

You could get them to follow in ROYGBIV order...

Or match a littlie to a middlie and a biggie to work as a team and leave the parents free to drink wine

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