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Advice please! 5 year old bouncy castle party

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smudge74 Mon 17-Oct-11 13:30:18

Thinking of hiring a hall and having a bouncy castle party for my little girl (the hall is quite big).
Maybe 15/20 kids.
Id like to keep it simple, and low cost.
Any general tips?
Any ideas on what the kids who are not bouncing might like to do?
Thank you!

cjbartlett Mon 17-Oct-11 13:33:17

I'd keep numbers down as they'll all want to be bouncing so you want it to be safe
we had a bc in the garden for my dd's 5t, they all loved it .we did bouncing for an hour, then food, then pass the parcel, more bouncing
2 hours flew by
you could hire a face painting person?

smudge74 Mon 17-Oct-11 13:34:49

thanks cj.
the hall is quite big... how many kids do you think?

Just play music and blow up balloons, they will run around and chase each other with the balloons, also I always have a table set up with colouring, cutting, sticking etc for those who want to sit quietly.

You will need an adult keeping an eye on the bouncy castle try and make sure it is positioned so the entrance is in full view of the hall not turned to one side.

Also, maybe take a few ride on toys, toy prams etc for them to play with.

As regards numbers, they tend to self limit on the castle, if it gets too crowded they get uncomfortable and go off. I would say up to 20 with maybe 6 or 7 at a time on the castle.

smudge74 Thu 20-Oct-11 22:20:15

And what about parents, should I invite them do you think?

beakysmum Thu 20-Oct-11 22:27:55

Its a lovely idea to have a bouncy castle party. I had one for my DD 4th birthday and she loved it.
Only thing is, I found the children were quite hyper (yes, I know it was a party!!!) and there was a lot of running around on and off the bouncy castle, so I would keep the number of children you invite reasonably low to avoid too many accidents.

I asked a couple of parents to stay to help me keep an eye on things, but not all the parents.

Phoenix Tue 25-Oct-11 10:56:14

I just started a similar thread before I read this one blush and it has given me more ideas about doing a bouncy castle party for my 6 year old ds. I was trying to make up my mind between a bouncy castle or a magician/entertainer. I think I'll go with my original bouncy castle idea now grin. Craft table and face painting is an excellent idea smile

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