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Party for 8 year old boy

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puddingandjelly Sat 15-Oct-11 21:42:54

Any suggestions for a party for my son who will be 8? He loves outdoors but December makes weather tricky. He has been to many laser quest parties and cinema parties but looking to try and be a bit more imaginative. We live if West Lothian, Scotland if that helps

gottaspook Thu 20-Oct-11 11:02:36

I wanted to ask this exact question! How about bowling, that seems to be popular where we are. Hope you get some more ideas. I will be following closely.....

bacon Sun 23-Oct-11 12:58:42

I've seen science parties - look good but with an entertainer in the village hall?

fridayschild Sun 23-Oct-11 21:35:28

DS1 wanted a sleep over party for his 8th. He invited 5 boys before I could stop him. In the end we had 2 round till 9pm for pizza and DVDs, they got taken home and only one stayed over. I had left the midnight feast in the kitchen, and they came down with DS2, smuggled it back upstairs and had a lovely time.

ASuitableGirl Sun 23-Oct-11 21:39:54

DS will be 8 soon and is having a bowling party. He has been to two cinema parties and will be going to a quasar one soon. Feels a bit like the loads of soft play parties DD went to last year (although at least with DS he can be dropped off whereas I stayed with DD last year).

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