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Halloween sleepover - four girls aged 9 and two boys aged 7, your fabulous ideas please

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hmc Mon 10-Oct-11 21:18:29

I don't want anything overly far I've got decorations sorted (the house will look great), food fixed up (lots of halloween themed novelty food planned), a suitable not too scary dvd, some black and orange nail varnish for the girls...ahem, and that's it. I'm a bit short on the entertainment ideas. I guess I could still just about do something along the theme of 'pin the tail on the donkey' - I was thinking pin the wart on the witch's nose (I can draw competently)....yes the children are getting a bit old for it but I think they will go for it still. Any other simple entertainment ideas please? (I'd rather not get into the mess of carving pumpkins with 6 children and me the only adult until dh rolls in late)

ThatsNotMyBabyBelly Mon 10-Oct-11 21:22:54

Themed pinata?

hmc Mon 10-Oct-11 22:47:43

Good idea, thanks

Geordieminx Thu 13-Oct-11 18:24:32

Buy cheap toilet roll and let them dress each other as mummys. Get some shoe boxes and fill them with stuff and let them feel through the hole. marshmallows on strings?

Would you mind sharing your food menu?

DreaduStudent Sat 15-Oct-11 22:29:52

We usually do a touchy-feely game. Put things like baked beans, dried pasta, tinned tomatoes etc in bowls and cover with a tea towel. Get them to put their hands in the bowls under the towels and guess what's in them. You can add a story about a mangled body parts for effect wink

Tied string doughnuts on a piece of string and dangle, then they have to eat the doughnut without using their hands.

Apple bobbing, obviously grin Followed by trying to get sweets out of a tray of icing sugar using only their mouths.

Have you got any play tunnels? You can make a 'Tunnel of Doom' by putting them in the garden in the dark with a few soggy sponges, crunched up newspaper and fake spiders etc bunged in.

Decorating fairy cakes with orange icing, licorice laces to make spiders etc.

Can you tell I love Halloween? grin

Thefoxsbrush Tue 18-Oct-11 07:10:15

Make your own toffee apples?

DreaduStudent Tue 18-Oct-11 20:08:20

Or do chocolate apples if the idea of boiling sugar is a little, err, scary!

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