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Best Birthday Party EVER! (Especially for horse mad children :-)

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edin3 Sat 24-Sep-11 22:07:46

When asked by daughter number 1 for a horse-riding party for her 10th birthday I began to panic about cost, but no fear - we found a solution! We packed the car, dog and a few friends and took off to Ardlamont House for the weekend. A huge estate with horses, dogs, a cafe, acres of woodland, and even a private beach. We stayed in Woodend Cottage which we thought sounded fine over the weekend, small and cosy - but it was a HUGE country house over 3 floors with 4 bedrooms (large), 2 bathrooms, central dining room, kitchen, utility room with washer and dryer, big living room with fire, massive garden with an old trampoline...... :-) John and Niki (owners) gave us free run of the estate and we all (3 adults, 6 children aged 5-10 and one dog) had the time of our lives! Pony club for all the children, 4.5 hours each day at only £11 per child per day (£2.75 an hour!) and they learned how to groom, put the tack on, get on/off, walk, trot and even played pony games and had a shot at driving the pony with the carriage! The stables are about 500 metres from the house, down the hill and the children just went everywhere on their own which they loved. Homemade cakes and pies in the café and we had a bonfire and BBQ on the private beach in the evenings. There was no-one else on the beach (or even really in the estate apart from a local or two who come for coffee), and the beach has a hut with tables along the side and even two sofas to sit on and watch your campfire! The dog was off the lead for the whole weekend and was absolutely knackered :-) and as long as your dog is well behaved it would be no problem. Is there anywhere on earth where kids, adults and the dog can all have such a good time?! Brilliant price too, John and Niki don’t have website yet but are keen for more visitors. GO! You won’t regret it! Their number is 01700 811 364 or email

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