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Party dilemma - Urgent help needed

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teobaldo Sat 17-Sep-11 23:11:43

ds has just started school (he is in a small class of 18 boys and girls) school is not so close to where we live. Questions
1) Shall I invite all children, given that he does not know anyone well ?
2) Shall I find a venue close to school - I usually do parties at home ( more personal) but worried about numbers. If so any popular ideas for the Camden -Hampstead area ? I would avoid the usual bouncy castles at leisure centers, even if I know they are very popular with kids...
3) Shall I not invite his new classmates and just have a small sleepover party for -2-3 children his best friends ?
HELP!!!! Thanks!


Slambang Sat 17-Sep-11 23:16:09

What does he want?

If its a school friend party I'd say invite them all to a softplay or similar ( too small a class to be leaving people out. Too large to bring them all to your house),

If he wants party tea at home then invite a few friends but surely if he's just started school then they're a bit young for sleep overs?

suzikettles Sat 17-Sep-11 23:25:09

We've got the same situation but it's a slightly bigger class. I've hired the local church hall and we're going to do a whole-class traditional party with lots of balloons and games.

I'm kind of hoping that they'll just run around for half an hour while everyone's arriving (going to have a table with stuff to make party hats on it as an optional "activity" for then), half an hour or so of pass the parcel/musical bumps etc etc, half an hour of ignoring the sandwiches and eating lots of cake and then home time.

If the mums stay then they can help out drink coffee in the kitchen, or they can go off for an hour. I've roped in a few friends/relatives to help out. Oh god... I'm dreading it already!

teobaldo Sun 18-Sep-11 00:11:07

ds says he wants the sleepover ( 2-3 old friends that are not in the same school and that we know the parents really well - they already had sleepovers ) than he changes his mind and want to invite his class. I personally think inviting the class is a good opportunity to get to know the children better. Possibly you are right a bouncy castle after school is the easiest option. I like the idea of the church hall, but i would prefer having some professional help to organise the games..

ragged Sun 18-Sep-11 10:35:59

I replied on the other thread, Teob.

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