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Cake ideas please!!

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flibberdyjibbert Tue 13-Sep-11 17:50:01

So DD1 (2, very soon to be 3) who will only eat chocolate cake, or plain sponge (no icing, and definitely no jam....) has declared that she doesn't want a chocolate birthday cake, she just wants a 'cake' cake confused.

I'm thinking a candle in an un-iced fairy cake isn't really going to have the wow factor as a party table centrepiece - any ideas gratefully received!!

DrSeuss Tue 13-Sep-11 21:42:27

Colour the sponge a funky colour? Coat it in sweets?


gurgling Thu 15-Sep-11 21:35:49

When I was young I remember a Canadian girl over the road who had marble cakes for her birthday. Something like this:

Crumbletopping Tue 20-Sep-11 11:41:05

Buy a cupcake stand - plenty around - I think the works do them. Fill with fairy cakes - birthday girl can have a plain one on top and all the others can be decorated with swirly icing, dolly mixtures, choc buttons etc etc. With candles in, it makes a lovely birthday display.

ShirelyKnottage Tue 20-Sep-11 11:46:18

How about a rainbow cake?

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