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Wonder if there's anyone in London willing to lend/hire me their remote control dinosaur toys for a party?

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Canon Sat 03-Sep-11 18:05:16

My son wants a party where all the kids play with remote control dinosaurs as a group. Sounds like fun to me! But thought I'd find loads on Ebay second hand for like a fiver, but today there are only about four on there, and some are twenty quid and more. Wonder if I can find enough Mums who have one lying around that their kids don't play with anymore, or even that their kids DO play with but are willing to lend/hire out. Obviously I will buy them a brand new replacement if it gets broken....hope this party isn't going to bankrupt me.....Considering he started out wanting full size animatronic ones like at the museums I'm actually feeling quite relieved. He'll be six in Oct.

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