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Twins birthday

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CandiceMariePratt Tue 30-Aug-11 19:42:27

Dd3 is off to a twins birthday party this week. Is it one present and one card each or one card and one present they can share? Thanks

SenoritaViva Wed 31-Aug-11 12:36:03

Depends! Think they definitely need a card each. Otherwise you could get a slightly bigger and easy to share present or a smaller present each (which I'd be more inclined to go for personally)

RedBlanket Wed 31-Aug-11 12:41:07

One each.

savoycabbage Wed 31-Aug-11 12:48:50

We have one on Saturday and I am giving them one each. I give 'ordinary' siblings one each but I only give one present from my two dc's if they are invited to the same party.

Mabelface Wed 31-Aug-11 12:53:49

Same as Savoy.

Mollymax Wed 31-Aug-11 13:01:16

Present and card each, but maybe spend slightly less on each present than you normally would.
My dd went to a joint party of triplets and another little boy. It cost me a fortune!

CandiceMariePratt Wed 31-Aug-11 15:34:43

Thanks, one present and card each it is then.

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