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Star wars party

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An0therName Mon 29-Aug-11 21:29:22

asked my Ds1 what kind of party he wanted and he said star wars. Its not for ages but ideas - I would probably do it in a church hall - so for decoration - then games, food

4madboys Mon 29-Aug-11 21:43:39

my ds2 had a star wars party a few years ago, we did it at home but used star wars posters to decorate and you can get big cardboard cut out firgures from ebay.

i also bought pipe insulation (silver foam stuff) and used black tape round the end for the handle (electrical tape it was) both from b&q and made light sabers, one for each child and then we had a bubble machine, they spent ages fighting and popping the bubbles!

we hired a darth vader costume and dp dressed up in that.

made an r3d2 cake, was fairly easy.

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