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7 yr old DD No ideas??

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mummc2 Sun 28-Aug-11 22:01:50

please help this will be the first year my daughter will be having a proper party and I dont know what to do?? Previous years were just partys at home and friends over and last year we didnt have one cos both our DDs bdays are 2 week apart so treated and took them to eurodisney instead of partys.

So help she thinks monkey bizness types are bit rubbish now and growing out but not sure wether shes at the stage where she would have a pamper party. She loves anything outdoor or arty HELP!! ideas!????

Mowlem Sun 28-Aug-11 22:17:15

For my DDs 7th birthday last year she had a teddy bear making party, This year, for her 8th she is having a gymnastics party.

Other parties she has been to this year include: Roller skating, pot painting, dance party (learning a dance to perform), disco, trampolining, fencing ...

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