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Doctor Who themed party - ideas please?

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marykat2004 Sat 27-Aug-11 12:45:43

My 7 year old wants a Doctor Who themed party. A few years ago we went to a party in the forest where they had a guy who had the kids to an alien hunt. I thought it was brilliant.

However, DD does not want to repeat the other child's party. She does not want an entertainer brought in, and has a list of only about 6 children she wants to invite, only 3 of whom are from her class . That is also awkward as most of the children at her school invite the whole class; but DD does not enjoy big parties and insists that because it is her birthday she can invite who she wants. I have tried to talk her into going to an event like the Doctor Who Experience in Olympia instead, but she wants a 'party'. She also wants to just have the kids turn up and 'play Doctor Who' which to me sounds like not enough structure.

Please help. We have had a lot of tears already and I don't know what to do. I guess we have let DD have too much choice in her life so far. My mum dictated my parties until I was at least 10. And I hated it, but had to put up with it.

So this is actually more complicated than a Doctor Who themed party... as it has to do with social awkwardness, shyness, social anxiety etc... maybe should post it is another are...

belgo Sat 27-Aug-11 12:49:56

I would organise traditional party games with a Doctor Who theme (Pin the eyestalk on the dalek for example); Doctor Who pictures to colour in; and a Doctor Who cake which you might be able to get from a supermarket.

marykat2004 Sat 27-Aug-11 12:57:35

ah yes we are going to make a Tardis Cake, I've looked at that already. Thank you..

tabulahrasa Sat 27-Aug-11 13:05:21

Ooh you could do some sort of weeping angels/ musical statue thing.

Pass the parcel with dr who wrapping paper and prizes.

Change duck duck goose to dalek dalek cyberman?

belgo Sat 27-Aug-11 13:11:57

'Ooh you could do some sort of weeping angels/ musical statue thing.'

that's brilliant!

Wendyhendy1 Mon 29-Aug-11 08:41:37

I think you're doing the right thing. Who's birthday is it after all? My son turns 7 in a few months and hates big parties, so I have always held small parties for him at home. It's hard going against the norm, but I care more about him being happy on his big day than what other people think. You could organise a Dr Who monster hunt in your garden, by printing out pictures from the internet. I use this website a lot for party games ideas: Monster Party Games They have some good monster party games ideas that you could adapt to a Dr Who theme. Good Luck!

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