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Party Bags for 10 yr old daughters disco???

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jem170884 Fri 19-Aug-11 00:06:08

My daughter is having a birthday disco for her whole year (60 kids + siblings) and because I'm a grump I have said that I am not providing food just snacks - (its a disco not a meal) am planning to to do a sweety buffet. Would it be really cheap of me to say no party bags too??? At what point do you say 'actually I think you are a bit old for party bags'? I'm sure we have all been frowned upon in the playground at some point and I really cant be dealing with 60 mums whispering about how cheap I am. After all this is the biggest party the playground has seen so far, the disco guy I have hired is great and he plays games with the kids and gives out prizes, will this be enough?

Sorry to ramble, the whole event is starting to stress me out! Please help, what would you do if your 9/10 year old went to a party and came back with no bag??? What would they say to you about it???

Danthe4th Fri 19-Aug-11 00:13:30

Definately no party bags but lots of wine at the ready, how many siblings are coming, thats some party.

AlfalfaMum Fri 19-Aug-11 00:18:07

Definitely don't do party bags grin

AlfalfaMum Fri 19-Aug-11 00:18:29

that grin was meant to be shock

ChippingIn Fri 19-Aug-11 00:37:43

Daneth - I'm pretty sure it's illegal to provide 10 year olds with wine. Not to mention a waste.

ChippingIn Fri 19-Aug-11 00:42:58

I think I woud do a 'light buffet' finger sandwiches, crisps, little sausages etc - you know, cheap & cheerful 70's party fodder - I would not want 80 kids oinking out on sweets & fizzy (then up chucking jumping around)....

As for the party bags - you could do the sweet bags to take home. Make 100 wouldn't need to cost that much (buy the sweets on-line in bulk or at costco) and I'm sure your kids will help you out with any left over.

Sounds like a fab party smile

lilolilmanchester Fri 19-Aug-11 00:47:13

I wouldn't worry at all if a 9/10 year old came home with no party bag, and snacks rather than full tea is fine too, especially with so many guests. However, to stop people thinking you might be having a big party just to get lots of presents back, I'd add "no presents please" to the invitation.. that would soon stop them frowning on you.

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