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Party in a Play Area

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lubby003 Mon 08-Aug-11 16:07:21

I am arranging my daughters birthday party, turning 4. I would like to do it in a play area, this is new for me as i normally do them at home. I recently had my older daugters 5th birthday party at home and was exhausted with all the planning, food and decorations and games etc that i had to organise on my own, it took me weeks. I now have my 2nd daughters birthday coming up and don't have the energy to do it all again after 6 weeks (there birthdays are only 6 weeks apart).

Has anyone used a play area for a birthday party ? if yes i would love to hear their experience of it.
Did the kids enjoy it, are there any particluar play areas in manchester that you would recommend.

Would love to hear from any mums that have used play areas for parties before.

Thank You in advance

2kidsintow Sun 14-Aug-11 22:44:39

Am not in the Manchester area, sorry, but I heartily recommend using a play area for a party. When it is all added up (as long as you don't go too mad on how many you invite) then it works out reasonably priced compared to catering a party at your own home. Do expect to have to book pretty early to avoid disappointment and do check out what is on offer and visit the play place to have a play before you book as they can vary wildly in quality.

My DD is soon to be 7 and she wants her birthday party at the play place close to us, where she has had her birthday every year since she was 4 - out of choice, she loves it there. They offer lots for the £11 per head (about average for around here) - they do their hair and nails and they get to play on the play equipment. There is a bubble party. They are looked after by a member of staff who makes small talk with them while they eat. They make a fuss of the birthday child and there are prizes for dancing games a short disco. The food is good quality. A good mix of healthy and a few treats and they provide the party bags themselves - that saves a fair few ££ and some fuss too. It is a little cheaper if you don't want the hair and nails options.

A local play place run by another company is much cheaper, but doesn't match the quality. There is no fuss made of the birthday child. They just play, eat, play some more then leave. Not too bad for a boisterous boy who wants to spend all the party running around with his friends, but not so good for what I want from a party. Also, the food was POOR. Nasty chips and nuggets, tiny fairy cake, nothing healthy and no jelly and ice cream. No party games. Not good.

My other DD has had parties in a hall with a disco, a party at a play place, a party at a sweet shop that offered craft activities and then pretty much gave up on parties, but then she's antisocial like her Dad. Lol.

Something else to consider could be your local sports centre. They don't all offer something, but around here (N Wales) one has a small built in play area which is cute for little ones to have a party in and another has a gym that it rents out. They put out a table for the food, erect a bouncy castle and put out some low level gym equip and mats. You have to cater for it yourself, but is a good cheap option if your child wants to invite the whole class.

inmysparetime Wed 17-Aug-11 12:10:51

Whale Around, head over heels (chorlton), or Antz in your Pantz(timperley) are ones I know of that do parties. Head over heels does the nicest party food though.

lubby003 Mon 03-Oct-11 12:57:50

thank you, i went ahead and booked 'Head over heels' in chorlton. the kids all loved it. It was totally stress free for me, now my 5 year old wants her's there next year. I won't be having a party at home for a long time smile

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