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Is it possible to get a Christening cake for less than £30??

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electra Fri 15-Jul-11 13:17:14

I don't remember them being so expensive!

piprabbit Fri 15-Jul-11 13:19:12

How many servings?

electra Fri 15-Jul-11 13:21:28

About 30...

piprabbit Fri 15-Jul-11 13:34:14

Well you could get 3 batches of these - must admit I used them at work on the day I started maternity leave and very yummy they were too.

Or you could get one of these, add smaller layers if you need more cake and buy some nice decorations from a local cake/crafting shop.

Or this M&S one is around £30 for the sponge option ( I think they do a blue version too).

I think the price all depends on what sort of thing you are looking for.

StarryEyedMama Fri 15-Jul-11 13:39:52

I've used the Tesco and Asds photo cakes for dc's christenings before. So easy, cheap and they taste yummy! Everyone commented on how nice they were.

electra Fri 15-Jul-11 13:42:00

Thanks piprabbit - that's very helpful.

electra Fri 15-Jul-11 13:49:52

StarryEyedMama - that sounds like a good idea - how does it work?

StarryEyedMama Fri 15-Jul-11 14:33:29

You take a photo in the store and go to the bakery section. Normally by the bakery section they have the cakes (choc or vanilla) in various sizes and you just pick the one that suits (we opted for two large which were £14 each and take it to where they bake the bread and they'll do it for you while you shop!

2kidsintow Sun 14-Aug-11 23:28:26

I did exactly that too StarryEyedMama. My DDs were older when they got Christened because my OH wanted his kids to get Christened when they were old enough and interested enough to ask for it themselves - don't ask!.

I dressed them up in their christening outfits (bridesmaids dresses really) and took them (carefully) into the field behind my house and took a few photos of them in their dresses with the church they were to be christened in as the background of the photo. It was lovely and made a beautiful cake.

I also made my own fruit cake in the shape of a teddy.

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Sat 27-Aug-11 15:58:46

Are you near a Costco - about £15 for a huge iced sponge cake. We had a white one with a simple message and added our own decorations.

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