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house party for 3 year old - help!

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telephonetree Thu 07-Jul-11 21:38:00

my boy will be 3 and we have him and his sister, 8 children coming (and their parent(s) and a couple of 5 year old siblings).

How on earth do I do party games without dying of embarassment infront of the parents and which games will work with so many people around??

<longs for when children come unaccomanied>

farkly Sat 09-Jul-11 20:50:46

games you can do where you won't have to 'perform' are pass the parcel & pin the tail on the donkey. Just have a couple of glasses of wine before they arrive and you'll be fine (says one who always gets her DH to do the games grin)

create Sat 09-Jul-11 21:03:55

For 3yos I wouldn't bother with games.

Get out all your DS's "big" toys rideons, play house, big bricks, chunky cars/trucks, borrow some if you need to and treat it as a playdate with party food. Add balloons and/or bubbles to make it more "partyish" if you want.

IME games for little ones just upset everyone. There are always some that don't want to join in and then their parents get all embarrassed and feel under pressure to make them participate. Then you either have to do that ridiculous thing where everyone wins, or you risk more upset.

Toys, music, bubbles and food. Will be lovely and even better if you can do it in the garden grin

Wendyhendy1 Mon 11-Jul-11 10:22:02

I know exactly what you mean!!! If you give some of the parents jobs, they'll be too busy to watch you perform. Why not ask one of the mums to turn the music on and off for a pass the parcel game and organise a craft table where parents have to help their child. Also, If you get the children outside doing a treasure hunt the mums will sit inside drinking coffee and give you a bit of space. Be well prepared and that takes the heat off you can get a great party plan from this website Party Plans

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