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Can anyone recommend me NICE partyware?

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SootySweepandSue Wed 06-Jul-11 18:54:58

I'm planning a small family get-together for DD who will be 1. A few older cousins but mainly adults. I don't want to go crazy but for it at least to look like a party in the photos....

I am really struggling to find nice non brashy tableware- plates, napkins, bunting etc. It seems all the sites/shops have the same ranges - Disney, hello kitty etc. I was thinking just plain gingham or something teddy bears picnic like. I can not find this anywhere! I realise kids love characters and bright colours but my DD doesn't have these affiliations yet and I don't have the desire to have an all out kids party as it will mainly be adults.

Any ideas on where I can find nice and subtle but lovely for a little girl? I found Peter rabbit but a friend had bagged this already.

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