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Fancy dress for 40th

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Clarence15 Sun 26-Jun-11 09:43:04

Dh is 40 in dec and is having a big 'do'. He wants it to be fancy dress - do you think it's better to have a theme or just leave it open? Was thinking 80s? I personally love fancy dress but will it put some people off? I think most people will embrace the idea so hopefully it won't matter if some don't dress up. Any other ideas on themes?

coansha Sun 26-Jun-11 10:47:57

I like it, he will be after all a teenager of the 80's so it fits well, I love fancy dress and go all out.
the 70's are fab too but a bit , not common, just over done a bit lately.
It should put too many people off, just the misery arses so dont be too concerned.
school disco is another one with 80's music?? Our local special needs school do one every other year and we attend , one was musicals, other was 70's ,another was bands, & grease??
we went as bay city rollers, my DH was fighting off 45 yr old women with a stick!!!
I would def theme it though as you will get too many muggles(harry potters not dressed up) , it will fabulous.

mummy2maisie Sun 26-Jun-11 20:16:45

Fancy dress all the way. But u cud always say on the invites that its optional.
Also to bring out everyones competitive side, get people to make more of an effort and put more thought into their costumes have a best costume competition. A box of chocs is all u'll need for the prize or a bottle of wine.
80's theme is a great choice for a 40th.
And remember your camera on the night.
A suggestion, depending on your budget of course, u cud hire a photographer to do a white studio session at the party. At the begining of the night everyone will be sensible but once a few drinks have been consumed u will have some hilarious photos to remember the night by.

Hope u enjoy the celebrations.

coansha Sun 26-Jun-11 22:36:51

meant to say shouldn't!!!

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