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Ideas for Disney cars themed party

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suebfg Thu 23-Jun-11 21:27:04

DS is 4 in a few weeks and is having a Disney cars themed party. I need to organise some party games though as the party will be at home and for a few hours (yikes!).

So far we have:

Cars made out of cardboard boxes (currently being painted - one for each child, with holes in so they can run around in those)

Pass the parcel

Pin something (not sure yet) on Lightning McQueen

Musical cars (probably whilst they're in the cardboard boxes)

Any ideas please!!!

Domesticbodess Sun 26-Jun-11 09:22:25

Didn't want to leave you unanswered!

Hunt the car -hide little plastic cars or car-shaped cut-outs round the garden. Prize for person who finds the most.

Design a car - give them all a blank template of the car and they can colour it, stick glitter, stickers on it to design a new friend for Lightening McQueen.

Watch a clip of the film and then ask them questions on what they saw/heard - car-shaped sticker for the right answer.

Have fun!!

suebfg Sat 02-Jul-11 19:42:55


KnitterInTheNW Sat 02-Jul-11 19:49:04

pin the cactus on lightning mcqueen's head!

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