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One entertaiment for small kids and big kids. Is it possible?

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Switz Wed 22-Jun-11 15:42:02

Hi All

I?ve been tasked with organising a summer shindig for our company. It?s going to be a garden party and we need to provide entertainment for the kids who will range from 3 to 16. I?m not really expecting to find one form of entertainment that will cater to that age range so was thinking perhaps get a face painter in for the wee ones and then a decent magician in too (probably not going to appeal to the older ones but can?t think of anything suitable that will TBH). Can anyone recommend a magician that would entertain the kids but be appreciated by adults too? This is going to take place in west London.

I?d really appreciate any input.


countydurhamlass Wed 22-Jun-11 20:43:39

bouncy castle or trampoline, sand pit, playdoh/crafts table , board games, playing cards and dominoes for the older ones

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