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Ideas for birthday party for 5 year old DS

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iwouldgoouttonight Mon 20-Jun-11 12:30:05

Every year so far we've just had a few friends round for tea and party games, but it always ends up a bit chaotic - we don't have a lot of space and every year it has rained so they couldn't go outside and play! So we thought this year he could go somewhere with a few friends - there will probably be about 6-8 children.

Most of his friends have had parties at the Wacky Warehouse but DS doesn't like it (and neither do I!) although it does seem to be quite cheap compared to other party venues. There is a lovely farm near us who do parties but they need a minimum of 10 children and its £13 per child so would work out expensive. But I do like the idea of someone else showing them around and getting them sat down for food, etc rather than me having to do it!

We thought about hiring a hall and having a few party games but it seems a bit overkill for just a few children - they'll just be rattling around in a big room!

Just wondered if anyone else has any ideas??

JETS Mon 20-Jun-11 18:58:21

The hall seems good to me - straw all around and hot dogs for cowboy party? - lots of bubble wrap to jump on - rattling around a big room is a great idea!!! - camp areas with pop up tents?

Otherwise - any parks nearby for play-
dread to say it but football parties/swimming parties always good - local leisure centres usually put on quite a good spread.
Laser quests
Fancy dress

Cinema? movie theme party - with pizza etc to eat - dress up as pirate for pirates of c, for example...

Good luck - thank goodness mine will be 16 this year - paintballing everytime!

joshandjamie Mon 20-Jun-11 19:45:29

ten pin bowling?
pizza express does pizza making (not sure on price - might be spenny)

For my DS, he had a super heros vs aliens party. I made an obstacle course in the garden. They had to clamber over that to get to the alien spaceship (trampoline) which had old plastic balls from a ball bit we had years ago. The balls were the alien's power source and the kids had to try steal them. But the space ship was guarded by two aliens (dads dressed up) with water pistols. The kids could shoot the aliens with water pistols before trying to get the power source.

They had a ball. The weather wasn't brilliant but they didn't care as they got soaked all the same. They all dressed up as super heros too (most kids have some kind of superhero outfit stashed away at home)

Another idea is geocaching. Get them wearing wellies and raincoats if raining. Go to and download the app (assuming you have an app based phone). punch in your post code and it will bring up all the geocaches near you. Find some that are in a series and get the kids out searching for the caches (the phone turns into a compass). Stop somewhere for survival rations (some kind of party picnic food) and keep searching. Some of the geocaches have little treasures in them that you can swap for treasures of your own. Kids love it and it's FREE!! (well except for the $9 for the app).

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