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Venue suggestions for kids party - Earlsfield / Wimbledon Park?

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shabang Wed 11-May-11 20:31:24

Planning a party for 4yo DD Bday - her first party ever so no experience of my own to draw on...
Just moved into the area and I would appreciate ideas on venues to hire for group of 15 - 20 kids and an entertainer

eg church hall

Would be great to find somewhere with lots of space to run around and ideal if there is also a garden as bday is July. Kitchen area would be bonus!

Thanks in advance!

TheHouseofMirth Sun 12-Jun-11 19:00:12

It's a little bit further, away towards Wimbledon Village but this is a lovely hall. Otherwise try Wandsworth or Merton Councils as they hire out many of their park pavillions.

We've used Dantastic quite a few times. Dan and his entertianers are great, especially for your daughter's age group.

Hope that helps.

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