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Fabric decorating pens/paints etc?

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QuackQuackBoing Thu 05-May-11 18:28:54

Put this else where and then found the parties section! Never knew that was here!

I'm throwing a t-shirt decorating party for my dcs. I have found a place to get the t-shirts but wasn't sure what child friendly paints or painting pens (not so messy) to get and where from.

Can anyone help?

Ismene Thu 05-May-11 21:06:20

You can get fabric markers on Ebay, I think about £3-4 pound each.

QuackQuackBoing Thu 05-May-11 21:08:48

Ismene Are they like paint or do they dry instantly like a normal marker?

BoattoBolivia Thu 05-May-11 21:14:00

Try these or these or these or just look through the pages I got bored !! grin

Ismene Fri 06-May-11 21:31:49

They dry instantly, like markers. A much better idea than paint for a party!

Gingerbics Mon 06-Jun-11 14:02:32

Hi Quackquack, can I ask where you're getting the t shirts from, its a great idea?. Also you can buy fabric pens etc from yellow moon catalogue or website.

TotallyLovely Fri 10-Jun-11 13:40:29

Sorry Gingerbics only just saw your message. I got them from a place recommended by someone on here (, sorry don't know how to do links. I also bought fabric crayons in the end. They also dry instantly (you have to iron before washing) and are non messy and not too expensive. I got these one's (

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