Treasure hunt for 3-5 year olds

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PiperG Tue 29-Mar-11 09:16:10

Can anyone suggest how best to do a treasure hunt for my DD's 5th bday party - there will be mostly 5 year olds but a few 3 year olds. So none can read! I need something simple that will keep them occupied for as long as poss (10 minutes?! smile) We will be at home, and in the garden ideally (this Sat). It'd be good to keep them out in the garden ... There will also be one 7 year old, so if anyone has any ideas on a more advanced treasure hunt for her, that'd be great ... Many thanks!

countydurhamlass Tue 29-Mar-11 20:26:04

what about using photos as clues for the young ones. have a photo of, say, your settee, under one of the cushions hide another photo, say, something in your garden like a unique plant pot, hide another photo in that, eg, the dining room table until they find the end prize. you could mix them with say an object, eg a toilet roll, a shoe, and ask questions like what's this, where wld you find this?, thats the next room to look in?

or a board with photos of objects the children need to find around the house/garden - not too many rooms though, about 10-15 objects such as teddies and toys, then get the children to hunt (ransack) randomly round the room for them. perhaps the 7 year old could keep score of who gets what, ticks them off a list and puts their initials next to the items. mak
e little prizes for everyone, ie and the winner for finding teddy is.... and gets a chocolate medal/sweet. the 7 year old may then feel "grown up" having helped out.

twinklytoes Tue 29-Mar-11 22:00:19

for the younger ones hide laminated pictures - ask each person to collect 5/6 each then exchange for prize

for the seven yr old - hide pictures of symbols, then give them the code cracker - symbols matched to alphabet and get them to crack the code. we did this at my dds 7th birthday as a team game, the first team to crack the code were led to a treasure chest and they got first pick of the goodies.

PiperG Wed 30-Mar-11 12:19:59

Thanks all! Twinklytoes for the laminated pics do you give them a card or something with the pics on, which they have to match the pics they find to?

I like the idea of the one for the 7 yr old, sounds great.

I had an idea but wondered if it was too complicated: draw a pic of where the treasure is hidden, then rip this up into 5 or 6 pieces, hide these round the garden, then kids have to find pieces and put them together to make the picture of where the treasure is hidden ... What do you think?

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