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ff2007 Fri 11-Feb-11 22:28:16

hey its my dd birthday in may and i have heard of the party bus which seems like a great idea. does anyone know where i can hire one in southeast london? i hve searched up and down google but the nearest i have found is north london,rascal party bus (except one in bromley but the bus looked 100 years old ha ha )


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goonerbiz Sat 23-Apr-11 23:07:21

Whatever you do don't book rascals party bus! My friend booked it for her sons 4th birthday this month and we ended up sending the bus away after an hour. The soft play area upstairs is less then mediocre, the "home" corner consists of a tatty old cooker. That is the extent of the upstairs apart from some bench seating for the kids to eat (food that we had to provide which was not stated) As for it being air conditioned???? The bus was soooooooo hot even the kids couldn't stand it. All the decorations on the bus and the prizes were clearly bought from poundland!!! The most annoying thing was that the "entertainers" I think were her daughters who spent most of the time on their blackberrys. The reason the website doesn't have photos is because it is a WASTE OF MONEY!!!!

Domesticbodess Mon 25-Apr-11 18:09:32

Hmm , we have been to a couple up North. The first time the bus never made it to the party due to a breakdown en route hmm. I wasn't over impressed at the re-scheduled party TBH - there was a very small soft play area and one of the party games was "Hunt the --extremely manky-looking--teddies". Can think of better ways to use a couple of hundred £.

Domesticbodess Mon 25-Apr-11 18:10:12

Err why didn't my strikethrough work?

vision70 Mon 30-May-11 02:49:58

Rascals party bus has many extremely happy customers. Their reviews indicate this.

They do provide photos and actual review from past customers - with contact numbers!!!! So anyone in doubt can judge for themselves!

Its a fabulous party venue for children - not an entire soft play bus, there's lots more!

People are not always honest about the reasons things went the way they did!!

WendyBennett Mon 04-Jul-11 08:57:16

Hi Guys!

Would recommend kids party bus in Orpington (they cover the whole South East!)

They are great and have done my children's parties on and off for the last 10 years! The actually entertain the children from the minute they come on the bus to the minute they leave! And its tailored to the children and their age.
They are held in very high regard locally and all I hear is how much fun the children had. But the nice thing for me is that its something different!!

Lisajay68 Tue 26-Jul-11 17:15:56

I wanted to book the Rascals Party Bus for DD's 8th but there was so little information on their website that I googled to see what else I could find out. Then I found this thread and was about to forget the idea when a friend persuaded me not to take other people's opinions as gospel, so I asked the owner for some photos, showed them to my daughter, she liked the look of it and I booked it. And I'm so glad I didn't make a decision based on this thread! Such a brilliant party venue! Scruffy and loud and no, not very middle class at all, but the 15 girls I took on the bus for dd's party had the most amazing time, Lorraine was so warm and in control, didn't let anything faze her, the activities kept coming, fast and furious, the girls had manicures, (really good) face-painting, games, dancing, karaoke and treasure hunts in the ball pit. And her assistants (didn't realise they were her daughters, but that makes sense now I've read this again) were certainly not as involved as her, but I didn't think they needed to be, Lorraine had more than enough energy and authority to keep the whole thing running single-handedly. This was the fourth party I've organised for DD and without a doubt the best, and by far the best value. I disagree that you could spent your £200 (£250 in fact) better elsewhere, I really don't think you could.


lawnimp Tue 26-Jul-11 17:17:59

haha lisajay do you work for rascals party bus by any chance grin

Lisajay68 Tue 26-Jul-11 17:25:46

No, I don't smile I'm a novelist. I nearly didn't book this venue because of this thread and I wanted to make sure that anyone else who googled the bus and ended up here would get a different pov.

Kathyos Sat 15-Oct-11 17:13:35

My daughter had the best party ever today on Rascals Party Bus! I have never had so many positive comments from the other mums. Lorraine was a brilliant host and her daughters couldn't have been better helpers. From beginning to end the children had non-stop fun. There were prizes galore and they were really decent too. We had a mixture of boys and girls mainly 7 and 8 and everyone had fun from the ball park to karaoke to disco to party games and treasure hunts. I've got brilliant photos to show for it. If anyone needs a good party idea and live North London/Essex area, book it!!!

Tonya1 Fri 24-Feb-12 23:41:48

Hi lisajay68 and kathyos.
I have booked rascals party bus for my sons 4th bday In April. Reading some of the comms has worried me a bit. I noticed u were both happy with the service-so just wanted to ask a couple of questions.did the party bus turn up on time? The party starts at 12. Does she arrive prior, so the bus is there upon arrival for the kids? Did it have a wii on there as stated on the website? Getting very worried, as it's a lot to pay for it to end up being a disaster.

3duracellbunnies Sat 25-Feb-12 07:01:19

Hi Tonya1, those posts are quite a few months old now, and I don't think they usually post here, you might do better to pm them. Hope the party goes well!

Tonya1 Mon 09-Apr-12 13:26:01

My son had his party on saturday (7th April) on the Rascals Party Bus. And I have to say, i had nothing at all to be worried about! My son enjoyed it immensely (think i enjoyed it even more smile) Lorraine arrived 30 mins before to leave enough time to set everything up for the arrival of the guests. she was extremely organised-leaving not much for me to do except sit back and enjoy the party.
Lorraine was enthusiastic, interacted with the children really well. Was especially impressed with the fact that the children's ages varied immensely-from 4 to 12. And she managed to entertain them all, catering for the varied ages. There were party games, karaoke, face painting etc. The kids had no time to be bored, as she spent just the right time on each activity.
My son is very fussy and very vocal! But he was impressed,and hasn't stopped talking about how much he enjoyed his party!

Don't be put off by any negative comments left on here-totally unjustified!

I'd definetely recommend this bus, and would like to thank Lorraine for making my son's day very special!!

littlelokey Sun 07-Oct-12 08:36:05

Don't book Rascals Party Bus! I just had my daughters 5th party and I am less than happy with what my £250 bought me (this does not include food but does include rubbish party bags and horrible soft drinks).
On first impressions the bus looked terrible from the outside, really shabby, with a chipped window and bits of the writing missing... i mean really bad. Once parked up Lorraine (the owner/entertainer) wouldn't let the kids on until she had cleaned the inside and organised things which meant we had 23 kids and parents arriving and coming in to my house which was a bid chaotic, they were finally let on 10 minutes after the party start time. Once onboard they were left to their own devices for what seemed like an age, when I asked if they were going to start the entertainment was going to start as some of the kids were looking a bit lost (especially the ones who were a bit clingy when dropped off) Lorraine was quite grumpy with me and said - "yeah alright, once everyone is here" which by that point they were. Lorraine spend a large amount of time telling the kids not to touch a display which had loads of sweets and "prizes" on it - what does she think they are going to try and do! Perhaps re-think the location of this? After half an hour there was a treasure hunt, which consisted of them throwing a load of coins into the ball pond upstairs. i went upstairs after about 15 mins to find both my daughter and 3 friends in tears aswell as several frustrated kids because they couldn't find any of the coins "you are not looking hard enough" they were told by the teenage supervisor. It was awful up stairs, and really, unbearably hot! After that was the food (which both me and my husband helped serve and was provided by us). They were given a treat by Rascals but as some were given a biscuit and some were given a packet of sweets this caused some upset between the kids. They forgot to give them drinks, again my husband and I ended up ferrying the drinks up stairs. After that came the face painting and nail varnish and they were allowed to us the karako machine which was fine. Then the cake and finally a dancing contest and some confusing prize giving. Lorraine was in my opinion was impatient with the kids and humiliated one of them by saying he had been picking his nose (she seemed to go on about nose picking ALOT). She was constantly telling kids to move out of the way if they had won a prize, parents to move out of the way, kids to stop touching the display and generally didn't seem to like what she was doing and was just seemed put out by it all - really is not a good children's entertainer! Perhaps she is better with older kids but ours were 3, 4 & 5. All in all we were very disappointed and its really not worth the £250 they charge. I would strongly suggest using another company.

tickandtell Sat 03-Nov-12 09:45:22

My daughter just had her birthday on rascals party bus and her and all her friends had a great time. They loved the Karaoke, the treasure hunt, the face-painting and party games. All the other mums and dads commented that it was brilliant to have a big party - but have none of the clearing up! Lorraine made sure all the kids were involved and happy - she was really in control. I have recommended her to friends and may even book her again myself smile .

Darcymayze Thu 09-May-13 14:12:34

FANTASTIC!!!!! Just had party on the Rascals Party Bus for my 6 year old twins (boy & girl). They had the best time ever, and so did i.
The bus arrived 20 mins before to set up and started on time.
It was endless fun from start to finish. They had treasure hunt and played in the ball pool, face painting karaoke (even for my 3 year old), disco/dancing games with prizes (wish I had booked 3 hours). It is definitely, as explained, a party bus, not just soft play.
My friend booked the Jungle Bus which gave me the idea, but the children got bored and frustrated after a while and wanted to come off, also did not like that we could not see what was going on inside, was not very well supervised either.
The Rascals bus was fully staffed and parents could come on and look around.
As for being tatty…. That’s not true it is a play bus and everything is not perfectly in place, but it was clean and orderly all about the kids and everyone was so impressed when they stepped inside.
If I was to criticise anything I would have to say there was a bit where paint had come off a couple windows, it was hardly noticed, but i was looking for faults, this took nothing away from the party, at all. It was still amazing when it came up our street. As explained to me, the bus will get scratched from time to time by trees etc and repairs are not always on the spot, but its clear to see the bus is well maintained.
I think the reviews are unfair and do not represent, what it is really like. I had to write a detailed review because it was such a great experience and lorraine clearly has put so much work into it and so fantastic with the kids, her staff too! I’m so glad I called up and decided to book, and will book again for next year

Crazi Mon 06-Jul-15 23:04:36

Anyone booked the jungle party bus? Can't find any reviews HELP

Bubbafairy03 Thu 13-Aug-15 13:13:53

Crazi did you book the jungle bus? I have just booked it for my son's first and looking for reviews.

12katY Mon 12-Oct-15 16:17:58

My advice to anyone looking to book the jungle bus would simply be, don't! After booking this bus and ringing to confirm several times, the last time being 4 days before the party, I was left on the day with 15 children and NO BUS. I rang over 30 times and when I finally got through to Sarah and asked where they were she hung up the phone and switched it off. I then contacted business owner Greg who accidentally answered and I overheard the pair moaning about me ringing, and then forming a plan to 'ring in an hour or so' I can only assume with a poor excuse as to why they were a no show.
I was left on the day to scramble around trying to make party games and had to send my partner to the shop for prizes.. All whilst guests were arriving!
I am disgusted that anyone could leave a group of 4&5 year olds without a party and no explanation as to why! There are no words for how I feel towards these awful people and I genuinely never want another child or parent to be left in the situation I was. I would strongly suggest to anyone wanting to book that you reconsider. Save your money and please book with a reputable business to avoid having your child's birthday ruined.

12345670sun Thu 25-Oct-18 00:31:42

A good kids party bus company that covers all of London is they have 2 party busses that hold up to 16 kids and the kids will have great funsmile

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