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Are stagecoach parties worth the money?

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lovelylove Sun 02-Jan-11 18:21:01

I celebrated my DDs 4th birthday and booked a stagecoach Isleworth party host for £225. I thought it expensive but as they are a well know company I was expecting my dds birthday to be extra special for that kind of money.
It was just fun but nothing special. I was expecting more dancing, singing, storytelling, puppet shows etc... But just basic games such as duck duck goose, the one where you all freeze, and 5mns dancing on an ABBA song. What a disappointment! Definitely not worth the money. What are your experiences?

maktaitai Mon 03-Jan-11 16:15:48

blimey that sounds about right for £25! how did they describe what they were going to do? how long was it?

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 03-Jan-11 16:31:03

Message withdrawn

nads75 Fri 07-Jan-11 19:17:20

Im thinking of booking one for my dd's 6th bday. can you tell me what theme you chose? has anyone else expericed a stagecoach party?

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