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I can't find a Star Wars birthday cake anywhere, does your local store have one and could it be on my way home?

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WideWebWitch Wed 28-Sep-05 22:15:43

It's ds's party on Saturday and I really want to get him a Star Wars cake since he's having a Star Wars party. A North London Sainsbury's rang all their nearby stores for me this evening and none had one. It's an episode 3 cake, I think Asda and Tesco have them too. Any ideas? I could get to any store in London but ideally North or West, or any West Country one between Milton Keynes and Bristol. Any ideas appreciated.

fqueenzebra Wed 28-Sep-05 22:19:26

Get your apron out, wwww!!

WideWebWitch Wed 28-Sep-05 22:19:56

No time Zebra plus I am crap at cakes!

fqueenzebra Wed 28-Sep-05 22:23:10

You've got until Saturday, what do you mean there's not time?

(Do sympathise about the lack of baking skills, however, DH is the firmly established only cake maker in this house)

What about if you find a local cake-maker, look in yellow pages & phone one up. Local bakeries may be able to do one custom for you, too. It's not too late if you can phone around tomorrow.

tamum Wed 28-Sep-05 22:27:03

Have you tried ringing your local Tesco and Asda? Pathetic suggestion, I know, but if you got someone keen they might be able to track one down for you. I was also wondering about local bakers- our asks for 2 weeks' notice but you might be lucky. Good luck

Distel Wed 28-Sep-05 22:32:19

They have Darth Vader Cakes in Longwell Green Asda.

Distel Thu 29-Sep-05 13:36:46

Did you manage to get one?

auntymandy Thu 29-Sep-05 13:38:22

can you not make one before saturday? A darleky think you can tell I'm not into startwars that white one cp30 ?

auntymandy Thu 29-Sep-05 13:39:02

Darth vader wouldnt be too hard either, go on the barby cake theme but ice in black?

WideWebWitch Thu 29-Sep-05 21:11:09

Thanks guys, my mum drove to Devizes in the end where they had one. Longwell Green Asda would have done though, thank Distel!

Jodee Sat 04-Mar-06 12:53:37

Reviving this thread as I'm desperately seeking any sort of Star Wars cake for 2 weeks time!

Just rang local Asda (castlepoint, Bournemouth), they said they have just stopped making the Darth Vader cake and are doing power rangers instead - thanks a bunch.

Has anyone seen a SW cake in any stores recently, or failing that, can I buy an edible cake topper or something like that, that I can put on top of a regular cake? Thanks all!

dollydanderfluffofwillowbottom Sat 04-Mar-06 12:55:05

i bought a load of star wars lego and stuck it on top of a plain cake - ds loved it

Jodee Sat 04-Mar-06 12:57:12

That's an idea! Thanks Willow.

bubblerock Sat 04-Mar-06 13:00:39

We took a starwars birthday card to a local cake shop (Janes Pantry type place)and they had it printed onto the icing.

dollydanderfluffofwillowbottom Sat 04-Mar-06 13:30:35

asda print photos onto cakes too, but they wont do stuff that breaches copyright (and they are very careful about it unfortunately). if your ds has a costume you could take a picture of him in it and have that printed on a cake

kizzie Thu 09-Mar-06 16:13:25

Hi - Im just bumping this thread too - because Im also desperately trying to find a star wars cake for DS 7th birthday.
Anyone seen one anywhere???

WideWebWitch Thu 09-Mar-06 16:21:17

Where are you kizzie, roughly?

WideWebWitch Thu 09-Mar-06 16:23:38

if you're in London the cake fairy looks good but prob expensive. No idea whther Sainsbury's still stock them.

WideWebWitch Thu 09-Mar-06 16:25:00

If you're desperate you could buy some figures and do a normal cake with some Star Wars figures on it. They're £2.99 in some places.

Chloe55 Thu 09-Mar-06 17:05:17

Some cake shops will let you take a piccie in and they will copy it onto sugar paper and put on top of cake. However, a friend at work was having the same problem (I think her's was star wars too), she took a piccie in that she downloaded off the internet but they wouldn't use it as it was classed as copyright? Might be worth asking a cake shop near you though?

kizzie Thu 09-Mar-06 17:59:11

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone!!

Glad to know we arent the only star wars obsessed household. DS says he is the biggest fan in the whole wide world!! (and writes a new star wars story every night - and I mean EVERY night!)


annejohnstonxx Fri 29-Apr-16 22:24:49

I saw a Stormtrooper cake in M and S in Croydon. It isn't on their website which is very annoying as I live nearer to Haywards Heath and would like to order it in to that store. Has anybody seen this cake in the Brighton or Crawley stores?

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