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mys 5th bday party sunday, need lots of help n ideas all aspects of party x

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katemason1 Mon 06-Dec-10 19:40:15

ok so its my boys 5th bday sunday, im totaly unprepaired, was going to do snakes n ladders but money has put a stop to this, I need to organise a full 2 hour prty by sunday with no entertainment arranged {no bouncy castle, magician etc]so anyone got ideas what i can do?

so far im thinking pass the parcel, musical chairs type games, what sort of music should I play ? i dont have anything suitable? also what kinda foods? just going for simple kiddy buffet type sandwich jellys, mini sausages etc, ANY help would be great fully received

Ladymuck Mon 06-Dec-10 19:44:14

How many kids? In what sort of space? Would 1.5 hours do?

littledawley Mon 06-Dec-10 19:47:43

How many children? Is it a mixture of girls and boys?

katemason1 Mon 06-Dec-10 20:32:20

approx 10 children, mix of boys and girls, having it in a fairly big hall, its the smallest one they have, most parents will be staying with the kids I think, 99% of the kids are from his class at school so im fine with them stayin, donig it 2-4, giving them over half hour to eat or so, age range is mostly 4-5 yrs old

littledawley Mon 06-Dec-10 22:01:54

As you have only got a few there you could maybe do a craft activity? Could Christmas theme it if that doesn't bother you.
Alternatively - just call it a disco. Have you got an ipod or similar? That age I would play poppy type stuff, crazy frog, cha-cha slide etc. Dim the lights (ask around, I know a few people with disco type lights)

2pm - arrive, just have music playing They will just run around for the first 15 mins, plus late arrivals etc.
2:15 - 1st game - musical statues is a winner, lots of scope for crazy running about!
After that a bit more general 'dancing'
2:30 - Next game loads of great suggestions here

Basically, aim for a game every 15 mins with dancing/ running around in between.
3:00 - food - it's not a meal time so they won't eat much but by the time you've done cake etc. it will be at least 3:20.

Maybe time for another game or, blow up a packet of balloons (at least one each) take them to the party in a duvet cover and at this point, release them!! Sounds basic but the children have energy after eating and they will just love chasing them around. Also, you don't have too many children so they won't all be bumping into each other.

Plan for 6 games but you probably won't do them all. Your only outlay is for a bag of sweeties (or something) as prizes. Oh, and make sure you have tea/coffee and mince pies for the adults.

Enjoy it - it's never as bad as you fear!!

katemason1 Tue 07-Dec-10 10:50:44

ah thats great! thats my party nearly planned out now hehe, what cd for music ? im not really sure what to play for kiddies, my music surely wont be suitable, im thinking to go library and rent one out, do you know of any suitable, or just general kiddies pop cds? thanks for some many great ideas, ive got a rough idea of what to do now, thanks very much

littledawley Tue 07-Dec-10 12:52:30

DD has got this which she loves - if your library has any 'Now that's what I call music' type CDs they will be fine. Otherwise, ask any Mums of girls! My son is 6 and has never owned a CD, DD is 4 and has a few!

katemason1 Tue 07-Dec-10 23:22:21

well, I may have a face painter now most i contacted were upwards of £50 for a hour, now somone got back to me saying they do it 1.50 per face, so fingers crossed they are able to come, that wud be great and add a little something special to the party, we got a lot of the 'posh mums' in my boys class and me being a single parent I do feel a lot of pressure to have a good party, but i just cant afford it, In one way i think bugger em, just do what i can but on the other i do have it in back of my head that i will be judged on it, most of em dont speak to me at school gate anyways, so shudnt really be bothered lol snooty cows

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