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New years Eve party games

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ladysoandso Fri 03-Dec-10 11:29:40

I am having a NYE party for 30 people including kids of various ages.

I want it to be a lively evening with lots of games.

I went to a party years ago where we all ran around all night doing various games that were all really good fun but I cant remember them!

One game had the party divided into 2 teams on opposite sides of the room. The object was to get everyone on one side. It was brilliant fun but just cant remember the rules.

Any ideas on that game or any other?

I dont want charades or the game where you have to put an orange down your clothes or pass a balloon under your chin. Thanks!

countydurhamlass Fri 03-Dec-10 17:59:52

what about a treasure hunt in the garden (and house) if there are neighbours coming it could be extended to their house - every one pays 50p/£1 for the prize at the end (cld be chocs and wine) or a hunt where everyone is given a list of say 10 unusual items and the first team to collect them all wins

a family quiz, questions that all ages can answer.

onimolap Fri 03-Dec-10 18:09:07

The race to wrap one team member in loo roll (like a mummy)?

If a birthday, quiz about the birthday boy/girl (only works for about 9yrs+)

Spin the bottle? Squeak piggie squeak?

Blink murder?


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