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Private cinema party for 5yo DD

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ChristianaCatesby Thu 25-Nov-10 12:51:26

Hello, DD has just started at primary school and her party would be a mix of old and new friends.
Our flat would be a bit small for a gathering of girls and boys and the layout is a bit crap for a successful party - living room separate from kitchen and once they are all running down the hall to DD's bedroom I think it would get a bit manic.
I see that a local cinema has a private screening room for parties. It seems lovely, and you can ask for film of your choice.
I would much rather do something different like that, particularly as DD's birthday is a bit before Christmas and lots of other venues are doing Santa's Grotto parties and things. Additionally I actually can't stand soft play places.
Has anyone done a party in a cinema for this age? Advantages/ disadvantages?

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