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What adult-child ratio?

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Simic Thu 11-Nov-10 09:35:31

We are inviting 6 children to dd's fifth birthday party. That means we have 7 five year olds plus her little brother who is nearly two. As a general rule of thumb, do you think me and dh can manage this or do we need other parents in to help?
It'll be a party at home with a craft activity (sticking things on) a treasure hunt and some games.

dikkertjedap Thu 11-Nov-10 19:17:27

I expect that you will be perfectly fine as long as you are well prepared (craft stuff ready, no sharp things lying around, food ready etc.) and I would make sure that at least one of you is with the kids at all times. I would also check that you have contact phone numbers for the parents and that they let you know if any of the kids have allergies. Have a lovely party!

Simic Fri 12-Nov-10 07:52:53

Thank you!

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