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bnamammy22 Sat 06-Nov-10 12:45:16

hello everyone i need help advice and tips im really indesisive, my sons both share the same birthday one will be 5 and one will be 1 there are around 80 children coming i have booked a bouncy castle dj and entertainer, im unsure as to the following do i order
one tub of pop corn and candy floss instead of party bags??
or do i go all out with the following
candy floss machine
pop corn maching
slush machine
and chocloate fountain??

dilemer two
do i pre plate food or
buffy style
also what food should i do
this is driving me batty pleaseeeeeeeeeeee help xx

cyb Sat 06-Nov-10 12:46:58


you ARE nuts

bnamammy22 Sat 06-Nov-10 13:04:21

no lol the party is 2-4 children aged between 1 and 11 only 2 11 year olds mainly 5 year olds

JarethTheGoblinKing Sat 06-Nov-10 13:06:38

i'm confused. Are there 80 children or not?

also, (and I'm sorry) but rofl at 'buffy sty;e' grin

bnamammy22 Sat 06-Nov-10 13:10:43

yes there are 80 children im dyslexic :S

JarethTheGoblinKing Sat 06-Nov-10 13:15:10

sorry, wasn't having a go.. was amused by the Buffy the Vampire style meal is all

erm.. [tries to be helpful]

tbh, I have NO idea how you organise a party with 80 children (i do think you're slightly mad). Bouncy castle is a great idea and I think a popcorn machine may well be better than doing that many party bags.

Buffet style must be better than plating up loads of food - are you getting a catering company in or doing it all yourself?

Have you got any people to help you on the day (because if you don't, I think you need to rope a few people in)

bnamammy22 Sat 06-Nov-10 20:15:13

hi thanks for ur responce i think i may go for bufay how ever its spelt lol stlye i have 7 adults helping me and all the perants are staying to supervise there children each child will get a tub of pop corn and a tub of candy floss instead of the party bags basically im unsure what food to do in bulk obviously but as cheap as i can relly

dikkertjedap Sat 06-Nov-10 20:51:13

hmm - 80 children is a lot, you might need a few adults just to supervise bouncy castle to ensure it is safe for little ones and big ones don't run head to head into them. Also, with so many I wouldn't be keen on buffet style due to hygiene concerns (you only need one who hasn't washed hands after going to the loo and had a good rummage through the food and the whole lot can end up with tummy upsets). So maybe have an adult dishing out the food on plates and kids can say what they want. I think that you need far more helpers especially given the age range, there might be nappy changing to be done as well. I would divide them into groups (based on age), one group does bouncy castle, one group with entertainer, one group eating and then rotate, but still 80 is a hell of lot, make sure you keep them safe, I don't want to scare you, but that would be my greatest concern. Maybe, even hire an extra entertainer to do music/dancing with one group (I think groups of about 10-15 are much easier to manage). They probably expect party bags, but at least you can prepare them in advance. Good luck, let us know how you got on!

JarethTheGoblinKing Sat 06-Nov-10 22:36:35

Give each parent specific jobs so that people dont get distracted by other things (so a couple of people in charge of the bouncy castle, couple in charge of food etc) to make sure things go smoothly.

Events like this only work properly (IMO) if everyone knows what they need to do.

bnamammy22 Mon 08-Nov-10 12:30:54

im really worried now

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