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Any suggestions for nice christening hymn very welcome x

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fakeblondie Thu 09-Sep-10 22:51:42

So far we have a beautiful poem and the hymn Dear Lord and father of mankind.
I`m not sure if i`ll need to choose anotjer hymn and am a little stumped.
Also should we be decorating the church with flowers /
Cheers x

AddictedToRadley Fri 10-Sep-10 05:08:31

We didn't decorate the church, it's only decorated for weddings at our church.

Dear Lord and Father is a beautiful choice. We also had Give me joy in my heart because our ds gave us joy so it meant a lot. Just don't use All things bright and beautiful. It's a lovely hymn but only ever used by people who never go to church and therefore don't know any other hymns. Also harks back to Primary school for me where it was regularly sung!

Hope you have a beautiful day. Our ds's was amazing!

mathanxiety Fri 10-Sep-10 05:18:49

Lord of All Hopefulness -- an Irish tune (Slane), with repetitive words that a congregation would get the hang of very quickly, suitable for a wide range of voices.

Be Thou my Vision -- another Irish one. I think the link is a Van Morrison version smile.

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring if you'd like an instrumental interlude.

liliputlady Fri 10-Sep-10 18:53:12

I was going to suggest "All things Bright and Beautiful"!!!

I also like "Amazing Grace", "Oh Jesus I have promised" and a more modern one: "Jubilate".

Don't think you need to be decorating church with flowers, but no reason why you shouldn't I'm sure.

Have a special day.

catinthehat2 Fri 10-Sep-10 19:02:17

Immartal Invisible is a cracker.

Anything by George Herbert

HAve a great day!

catinthehat2 Fri 10-Sep-10 19:03:31

- Innortal - hmm

amothersplaceisinthewrong Fri 10-Sep-10 19:04:25

Amazing Grace is a lovely hymn.

catinthehat2 Fri 10-Sep-10 19:04:36


my goodness I need to put my reading glasses on sometimes. Sorry for spamming!

onimolap Fri 10-Sep-10 19:04:49

"Now Thank We All Our God": appropriate, jolly and easy to sing.

purpleturtle Fri 10-Sep-10 19:08:46

Tell Out My Soul the greatness of the Lord.

I like it for a christening because the last line is about 'children's children and forever more'. smile

MentalFloss Fri 10-Sep-10 19:14:38

Hmm, our church is always decorated with flowers outside of lent time so no I would say no you wouldn't need to decorate although it depends on the church as the old ladies at ours get annoyed if anyone else does flowers for the church.

Be Still
Jesus Loves Me
Shine Jesus Shine
O Jesus, I Have Promised

TaffyandTeenyTaffy Fri 10-Sep-10 22:38:29

We had our little man baptised last week and had

- Come on and Celebrate,
- Father I Place into Your Hands,
- O Jesus I have Promised, and
- We have come into this place

Depends on the church I would say.
Our church has a flower rota so we swapped a week so we could provide the flowers on the day as I wanted to have blue and white flowers. We bought the flowers but had one of the usual ladies from the church to arrange them - and we were given these back for the godmothers after the evening service.

Hope you have a lovely day

AddictedToRadley Sat 11-Sep-10 03:12:42

Sorry Liliputlady I really didn't mean to offend. It's a lovely hymn and very well known which is a bonus but is rarely used for Christenings and Weddings by regular church goers. Of course it's personal choice. I love the hymn in regular services etc but dislike it for Christenings but much more so for Weddings. Sorry blush <<back's away from thread as hate upsetting/offending people>>

brockleybelle Sat 11-Sep-10 04:16:25

How Great Thou Art is beautiful. Good suggestions here. Nothing like a classic hymn to sing in praise to God.

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