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pizza express or pizza hut

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Carameli Sat 28-Aug-10 08:54:47

dd thinking of having a pizza making party for her 7th birthday with 7 or so of her best friends. Would you go for Pizza express or Pizza hut? I know I like the pizza at pizza express better but is the experience going to be much better for a 7yr old group of girls.
Pizza express is £9.95 a head with the pizza they make, salad, dessert and drink and Pizza hut £6.99 a head with pizza they make, salad, drink and ice cream factory.
Which would you go for?????

Anyone had experience of either of these?
Would Pizza express be a bit more stylish for 7yr old girls or will they care?

ZinglebertBembledank Sat 28-Aug-10 08:57:46

the 7 yr old in me is screaming PIZZA HUT!

the 35 yr old in me would much prefer pizza express but I think the ice cream factory wins.

bellavita Sat 28-Aug-10 08:59:27

I would go for style every time I'm afraid grin

Peaceflower Sat 28-Aug-10 09:04:47

Hello, I'm going back 6 years, but my dd and her friends really enjoyed a Pizza Express party. The party host, the food, the chef's hat, were all greatly appreciated. I think the thing that made it special was the actual restaurant itself.

Pizza Express restaurants are usually based in buildings with special character, eg old bakery, water mill, etc. We chose to go to one in Alresford, Hampshire, even though there was a nearer Pizza Express. The restaurant was very light and spacious, with a huge conservatory at one end, and a grand piano slap back in the middle! The patio doors led to a long winding tree and shrub lined open area.

In my experience, Pizza Hut restaurants are pretty bland (Someone will come and prove me wrong!). But at the end of the day, it's what your dd wants. Eg, the Ice cream factory may be the deal breaker for her .

blametheparents Sat 28-Aug-10 09:14:43

Ice cream station is the Unique Selling Point that interests my children!

Carameli Sat 28-Aug-10 09:25:27

I agree about the style completely, was just wondering about the ice cream factory. hmmm will need to chat to her I think.

beeny Sat 28-Aug-10 09:39:08

Go on voucher codes to get pizza express money off vouchers.

usualsuspect Sat 28-Aug-10 09:46:11

Pizza hut ..they are 7, they will appreciate the ice cream factory more than their surroundings

amidaiwish Sat 28-Aug-10 10:01:41

well i hate pizza hut and love pizza express (and the 4 pizza expresses we visit too regularly are not in impressive buildings hmm unfortunately)

but for a 7yr old party i would go for pizza hut, i think it would be more fun and the atmosphere more relaxed/ok to be v noisy!

pointydog Sat 28-Aug-10 10:15:37

My choice would depend completely on my budget.

If money wasn't an issue, I'd choose pizza express.

Carameli Sat 28-Aug-10 10:37:35

its not so much they money, more would 7yr olds think the ice cream factory was more fun or would the tastier pizzas in my opinion at pizza express win them over.

pointydog Sat 28-Aug-10 10:40:04

I don't know what the ice cream factory is. Pizza Huts kinda depress me. The kids will not be able to directly compare the two parties. I'd just choose the place I wanted. The kids will love it no matter what.

Carameli Sat 28-Aug-10 10:43:12

have to admit I have never used the ice cream factory with the dcs as I usually win and go to Pizza Express but other friends seem to think their dcs love it.
Someone might correct me but they help themselves to ice cream and decorations???

amidaiwish Sat 28-Aug-10 12:07:30

from what i remember, the ice cream factory is like a salad bar with toppings etc...
you pump the ice cream from dispensers yourself and generally make a bit of a mess!

jbentz123 Wed 06-Feb-13 09:50:50

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

BigBoobiedBertha Wed 06-Feb-13 09:57:55

Every time I have been in Pizza Hut in recent years the service has been very patchy. This has not always been the same Pizza Hut either. It took over an hour to get a pizza once and after giving them the benefit of the doubt (busy Friday, a lot of parties) we went back again on another night a few months later and it still took 40 minutes for the pizza to arrive. That is no good if you are with a group of 7 yr olds. Granted they might make an effort with a party but it isn't worth the risk imo.

Plus the pizza is better in Pizza Express, the children used to love the babychino (sp?) and ended hating the ice cream factory at Pizza Hut because the ice cream is crap so we never go there now.

BigBoobiedBertha Wed 06-Feb-13 10:00:40

Yes ice cream factory is serve yourself ice cream which more often than not is not properly frozen and turns to milky slush in seconds. You 'sprinkle' it with sweets -dolly mixtures, chocolate buttons. V easy to overdose on sweets and completely miss out the ice cream!

BigBoobiedBertha Wed 06-Feb-13 10:01:38

Whoops just realised this is a resurrected old thread!!!

I suspect the OP doesn't have an issue any more!!

AndNowItsSeven Tue 29-Sep-15 22:10:54

I would go for Pizza Express as the get to toss the dough , also it will taste nicer.

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