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'Mad Science' parties or similar for DS 6y

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LightningLizzie Thu 17-Jan-13 23:54:30

This is my letter to MAD SCIENCE South East, after being a presenter for a few months. Mad Science are franchises so others may be run differently. I was not comfortable with the health and safety aspects of the equipment used.

"After considering a number of factors, I have decided to terminate my Mad Science contract.

By Christmas I had begun to realise that the amount of time that the job takes up that is over and above what is paid for (travel, setting up, trips to the office, calls to customers) does not make for a very profitable venture, when taking into account the amount of time put in: £37 wage for one party / 6 hour round trip plus 1 hour fetching kit and calling customer = £5.28 per hour)

It also then came to my attention that Mad Science are billing the customer on average twice what I am being paid for my petrol: 40p per mile charged to the customer vs 25p per mile only after the first 20 miles.

I had raised previously my concern that petrol payments in my contract had been modified to make it less favourable that to other presenters. I was told amongst other things the business could not afford more, when in fact for a trip to Kent or Buckinghamshire Mad Science will take around £40 for petrol and only give me £20 of it (which often falls short). I do not consider that this is good or honest conduct towards me or the customers, who wrongly believe the travel fee they are paying over and above the party fee goes to my travel expenses, when in fact barely half of it does.

I also felt that the ratio of presenters to children should be higher than 1: up to 25, given that potentially hazardous chemicals are involved. I am especially concerned about health and safety issues around the the dry ice, candy floss machine and the hovercraft, both of which could cause injury so easily. I believe, especially with younger children who do not perceive danger. I feel that two presenters should be present at parties with these instruments: one to entertain, and another to ensure the children are managed and away from danger. Perhaps there has never been an accident, but from the near misses I have seen already I suspect this is due to pure luck that will one day run out, and the goodwill of parents who assist, even though they have paid over £300 for someone else to take the stress."

LittleCheesyPineappleOne Tue 24-Aug-10 13:45:06

Thanks GooseyLoosey. I think I'll definitely go for it.

GooseyLoosey Tue 24-Aug-10 13:25:32

Did a mad science party for ds's 7th birthday. He loved every minute of it, as did his friends. All of the children made their own slime and took it home instead of a party bag. There was nothing for me to do and the children were spell bound throughout. They ranged from age 5 to 7.

LittleCheesyPineappleOne Tue 24-Aug-10 13:23:32

The science boffin parties look fab. I think we'll do that.

LittleCheesyPineappleOne Tue 24-Aug-10 12:25:22

thanks both.

I need to do practically nothing - I'm already at the lying on the sofa 24/7 stage so hope I can get someone to do it all for me.

LadyBiscuit Tue 24-Aug-10 12:03:08

Have a search on here for science - someone had some really good ideas for science parties which went down a storm apparently - was last year I think.

darcymum Tue 24-Aug-10 12:00:41

I when to a Mad Science show recently, the children were from babies to about 7. It was too much for some of the younger ones but the older ones liked it. It was Nina and the Neurons type stuff except the 'scientist' was a bit stressed by the little ones trying to touch everything.

LittleCheesyPineappleOne Tue 24-Aug-10 09:17:55

Has anyone been to or had one of these? I'm picturing Nina and the Neurons type stuff, which he'd love.

I'm going to be heavily pregnant so I need this to be as hassle free as possible. We'll probably have less than ten children.


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