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Build-a-bear party, good idea or terrible idea?

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charliesweb Sat 21-Aug-10 21:42:33

Hi, my DD will be turning 6 a week before xmas. I always feel she loses out a bit having her birthday so close to xmas and it's made worse by both her brothers having their birthdays in June.

So to cut a long story short I was considering booking her a build-a-bear party for her and 5 friends. She is very keen on this idea, but I wonder is it a bit OTT for a birthday sending each child home with a clothed teddy?

I know I am thinking about this way too early, DH thinks I'm a sandwich short of a picnic. grin

charliesweb Sat 21-Aug-10 22:07:40


Meglet Sat 21-Aug-10 22:09:19

I bet the kids will love it but it will cost a fortune won't it.

And would the other parents really want more toys in the house a week before Xmas? [practical head on here]

I took DD and 3 friends to Build A Bear for her 9th birthday and let them all get a bear and an outfit, they loved it. I didn't do party bags that year!

We didn't have a party because you need a minimum of 6 kids which we didn't have/want. The girls were quite happy without it being the proper party but I think at 9yo they're maybe a bit too old for the singing anyway. You do know there's no food provided don't you? It is just some songs and then choose a bear as far as I could work out.

charliesweb Sat 21-Aug-10 22:18:19

Yes it would cost a fortune. As far as I can work out we would have to budget about £20 per head.

Last year she had a joint party with a friend and we hired her dance teacher to do a dance party. I thought sharing the party would make it cheap. But after the cost of hiring the hall, the dance teacher, the food, party bags and cake it came to about £100 each.

I see your point about toys before xmas. But that is part of my problem I want her to have a special party because soon it's everyones turn to have presents and fun at xmas. DS1 had a fab den building party on a scout camp, but obviuosly we can't really organise anything outdoors. If we could I think I would have a fairy picnic or visit a farm.

My DH has completely vetoed the idea of post-poning the party and having it when the weather's better.

charliesweb Sat 21-Aug-10 22:20:25

sorry about unwarrented use of - in postponing!

Realisticly you need to budget £25 a head. Bears are between £10 and £15. Outfits are about £10. Worst case scenario everyone wants a £15 bear. Actually everyone could want the £18 Hello Kitty but even I'd put my foot down at that!

Isla77 Sun 22-Aug-10 21:02:21

I think it sounds a fab idea and I would do it if you can afford it. To be honest I don't think one more toy before Christmas makes much difference in the grand scheme of things. You could always take them somewhere for a pizza after if you want food - more money though!

charliesweb Sun 22-Aug-10 22:38:05

Thanks for your comments I am still debating it.

jellybeans Sun 22-Aug-10 22:42:30

I did it for DDs 7th birthday and it was fab. It is no more expensive if you limit to 6 children and we set a budget of abut £16 per child and all got a nice toy with some clothes for that and all were happy to stick to the budget, we explained that they could come back with their families to buy extra bits. We went to Mcdonalds afterwards. All mine still play with their B-A-B bears as do their friends.

Belle03 Fri 27-Aug-10 22:16:46

My friend found a mail order company where you can buy all the stuff & make bears at home. She did that with her DD & friends & it was loads cheaper. She didn't do party bags coz of each girl having a bear. I'll find out & report back...

Oldjolyon Sat 28-Aug-10 19:45:39

My DDs (6 and 3) recently went to a build a bear party and they loved it. They now want it for their own party later on this year.

We're having a little company (Bristol based if you live anywhere near there), who come to your house or hall and run the whole event. As it is a joint party - we're paying £6.50 a bear. It will cost a fait bit, but I figure that it is two children's parties. The alternative would be a soft play party for one child at £8 a head, and a gymnastics party for the other at £6 a head, but then party bags need to be bought on top of this.

I guess it is all a matter of persepective. But, my children loved the little one and adore their bears.


KickArseQueenOfTheDamned Sun 10-Oct-10 00:11:57

Hiya, I know this is reviving the thread, but you can do it for £9.00 per head and the cost of a happy meal. Also look here
Makes it cheaper again. HTH

metromum Sun 10-Oct-10 21:34:18

My dd has been to one b-a-b party - that was her one and only visit to that shop as I'm too stingy, so it was very special. She's treasured her bear ever since. Her friend invited about 12 people and her dad turned grey when he had to hand his bank card over.

metromum Sun 10-Oct-10 21:36:45

P.S I don't think a Christmas birthday is necessarily such a bad thing; there are loads of special things you could do for parties (tea with Santa, trips to pantomime, Christmassy films at cinema, Christmas craft parties, temporary ice rinks...)

muffinmum Sun 14-Nov-10 22:46:47

Hi, I did one for my dds 4th birthday party, we had 36 kids doing various craft things bu their fave by far was the build a bear,you could do it at home, buy all the stuff (i had loads of help and advice, bought the bears and got birth certificates from the lovely ladies at Nellies Art Parties and have a great time making funky hats with pipe cleaners, bracelets/necklaces with beads, they sell t shirts for the bears that you can decorate with fabric pens and we made little denim or fleece jackets ourselves. You could then have a teddy bears picnic type party tea/indoor picnic???

Tinyoneuk Sat 01-Mar-14 11:35:43

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