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pink party food

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starlover Mon 22-Aug-05 11:33:30

it's my birthday nbext sunday and i am having a pink party
i am making pink fairy cakes. and pink alcoholic beverages...

but what else can i do that's pink?

spykid Mon 22-Aug-05 11:34:27

smoked salmon?

starlover Mon 22-Aug-05 11:34:57

hmm good idea... but i am vegetarian.
although i suppose i could let other people have it! lol

compo Mon 22-Aug-05 11:35:07

you can buy pink party ring biscuits, pink wafer biscuits and pink marsh mallow biscuits. Also pink lemonade for non-drinkers, or pink fruit juice. Strawberries. Salmon. Ooh will try and think of some more

compo Mon 22-Aug-05 11:36:07

ooh look here

Blu Mon 22-Aug-05 11:41:45

Slices of watermelon
Beetroot and sour cream salad
Something vegetarian in Marie-Rose (i.e prawn cocktail)sauce (pasta?)

starlover Mon 22-Aug-05 11:45:02

9ooh thank you all

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