party games for mixed age party

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Herecomesthesciencebint Mon 12-Jul-10 21:07:56

its a garden party but might be a bit tricky games wise as the ages are from 3 to 7

any ideas? I thought a treasure hunt may be easiest?

EduStudent Tue 13-Jul-10 00:29:17

If you do a treasure hunt, you could perhaps give the youngest children picture clues and the oldest proper worded clues to accommodate the different ages.

Geocentric Tue 13-Jul-10 00:36:57

A treasure hunt in teams, maybe? We did this recently at an Easter Egg hunt - each teams had children between 3 and 9, worked just fine. smile

mungo8 Wed 14-Jul-10 19:09:59

if you do team games with a mixture of games ie egg and spoon race, obstacle race, everyone takes turns the older ones help the younger ones. Pass the parcel to save on paper hot potato, parcel is wrapped once when it lands on someone when the music stops they are out they come for the token sweet who is left wins, sleeping lions is always great for calming a manic party down. If you have a twister board make each corner a colour, play music when it stops they run to a corner spin the wheel whatever colour it lands on they are out. You could always make a papae mache pinata.

lovetochattoo Sun 18-Jul-10 23:46:24

Message withdrawn

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