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Day in life with toddler? Routines and activities?

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Alicia870 Fri 06-Mar-20 11:24:47

Wondering if I could get some ideas from other mums about how they get the day in with a toddler. My dd is 18 months and she's going through a fussy tantrum stage. I work part time but on days off with her I'm finding it really hard work! And I always feel guilty as though I'm not doing enough.
Our routine would be- wake at 7, some tv for half an hour and then breakfast and might keep her in high chair and give her some aqua doodle/blocks to play with for a while.

Then I get my breakfast/shower etc while she runs around upstairs with the stair gate on and doors closed! Then I try to get out maybe to soft play or just the garden/wall. She naps 11.30-1 ish then lunch. Then might be some more play/books etc but as dinner time comes closer I definitely use tv which I feel awful about but find I can't get anything done otherwise as she climbs everything and won't be happy to settle while I'm busy without it on.
Any ideas on stuff to do at this age? Got her some play dough but goes in her mouth- tried colouring in but think she's still a bit young. Finding it a long and tiring day at the moment! Plus I'm in first trimester with second so extra tired!

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Alicia870 Fri 06-Mar-20 11:26:28

Just realised put this in wrong place 🙈 can anyone help change it?

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Newmum1011 Sat 07-Mar-20 16:54:22

No idea how to get it in another place sorry but iv just had my second and now have 2 under 2 so was in the same boat as u I make my own play dough water and flour and it can go in their mouth a bit and doesn’t matter
hide and seek is grate fun and means I can pick up mess and get a 10 second brake I didn’t think she’d get it but she picked it up so easily . We go to our Center and they let us take cardboard boxes home for free we paint them and make houses out of them but tbh when I was pregnant I did a lot of peppa pig and don’t feel guilty about it at all it’s actually very educational

Chewbecca Sat 07-Mar-20 16:59:08

Report the thread to get it moved.

Chewbecca Sat 07-Mar-20 17:04:25

I look after a 20m old and don’t get anything else ‘done’ and don’t aim to!

Besides eating and napping we go for walks (to the shops mainly but slowly looking at lots of nature type stuff on the way), go to the park, go swimming, meet friends, go to a music group, draw (well, scribble), read books, go to the library, go to mini zoo type places, build with wooden bricks, play piano, zoom cars, throw balls.

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