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retroglaze Thu 27-Feb-20 23:39:59

So my daughter, Jane, has a history of bad decisions with boyfriends. Haven't we all but, y'know, she's my little girl. So after the last idiot she finally met Todd. Someonewho seems perfect. He's a gentleman, hardworking, clearly adores her and has an amazing effect on her confidence, something she's always struggled with, despite it being obvious to me she's incredible. However, probably due to a conbination of wanting to maintain an aura of Fatherly concern around him and the fact I'm a bit stuffy and old fashioned anyway, she has felt that maybe I haven't tried hard enough to accept him. They're living together now and I've ackowledged I need to involve him as a member of the family, which I'm happy to do. However it'll still be the handshake, occasional squeeze of the shoulder and the odd pint. Thta's just me, I'm not a big hugger and I don't share my emotions.

So we've been organising taking her younger brother to see them both this upcoming weekend. I messaged her saying something like, "So then, the plan is for this Saturday? X". She replied asking what I meant and I reminded her about us visiting. She picked up on it straight away and then I had a ten minute conversation, by text, with her all about how great it was going to be to see them both, what we could all do together and how James, her teenage brother, could come and stay with them during the Easter holiday. I signed each message off with a resounding two or three x's, something my friends will all vouch I mostly reserve only for messages with my children or at times of great importance or solemnity. So did she. Sometimes three or four. She seemed so excited, even giddy. So much so that I asked her if she'd been on The Reefer. She assured me she hadn't although she'd had a few drinks, but that's ok, "It is Saturday after all xxxx". Anyway, everything lovely and the stage was set for a nice weekend.

Now for some reason these kids are always changing their names on Facebook to some funny thing or other. So when she messaged me a little later and her profile name had changed I thought nothing of it. But then I read the message. And for a few minutes I was really confused...

"Love you so much. It really made Todd's day the fact that you messaged him. Thank you so. Everything is at your pace xxxx"

Wait, what?


"Tom said you'd messaged about coming next weekend? xxxx"

Yeah so I'd been messaging Todd. Talking to him like I talk to Jane. With kisses. Lots. And lots. of x's.....

So now I have to either tell Jane it was all a mistake and I thought I was talking to her, or I have to forever be 'that guy' around Todd. The over familiar chat on messenger, the multiple xxxx's at the end. S**t, I'll probably even have to hug him.....

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FlibbertyGiblets Fri 28-Feb-20 00:00:51

Best stick to old skool texting in futch, yeah?

KelpianCasserole Mon 15-Jun-20 00:15:20

I think there's a middle way. Be friendly but dont actually kiss him!

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