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Supporting adult child with his partners infidelity

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HONGKONGUK Tue 07-Jan-20 17:19:29

I wonder if anyone has any experience of supporting their adult children with this? My adult child (AC) has recently discovered their partner of 3 years has cheated. My AC has moved back home with me. Their partner has shown absolutely no remorse and blamed my AC for the infidelity. I have now discovered the partner has been quite emotionally abusive to my AC throughout the relationship.
My AC is absolutely devastated and their confidence has shattered and is suffering extreme anxiety. I have tried to support AC but I feel so angry with the partner it's really hard for me to avoid ranting. AC said he wants to end the relationship but I'm not sure AC is certain about the choice. AC mentioned getting counseling to the partner but they refused, saying it was too expensive. Money is not a problem for them.
My AC has been so kind and loving throughout the relationship. How can I support AC to get through this and make the right choices. It's only been a couple of weeks.

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pallasathena Tue 07-Jan-20 22:13:09

Don't get over involved. Listen but don't offer opinions. He's an adult and adults sometimes get back together with partners we don't approve off. Taking sides will alienate if he does decide to go back to her.
Be supportive by just being there rather than offering opinions or comments .
Learned this the hard way OP!

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