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Floppywillow Wed 25-Sep-19 20:22:26

Would you share a bedroom with your adult child in holiday?

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Halo1234 Wed 25-Sep-19 20:25:56

Yes. I would also share with my mum my sister my best friend. So would def share with my adult children.

Coconutbug Wed 25-Sep-19 20:31:43

Yes of course. shared with my mum right up until my late teens when we stopped going on hols together. Usually ended up being my mum and me in the double and my sister in the single. Think it's pretty standard for holidays!

FairyBunnyAgain Wed 25-Sep-19 20:42:33

Yes, not would but do. Me, DH and DD 21 spent 10 days travelling and sharing a room this summer.

I haven’t shared a bed with DD since she was tiny as she is a starfish sleeper

Sparklingbrook Wed 25-Sep-19 20:43:57

No. He's 20 and I don't think either of us would want to.

MeadowHay Wed 25-Sep-19 20:45:36

I am in my twenties and occasionally share a room with either of my DPs when we are away depending on who is going etc.

Hecateh Wed 25-Sep-19 21:45:44

Last time I shared a room with my 2 DC I shared a double bed with my 16 yr DS and my 13yr DD had the single because my son goes to sleep and never moves whereas my daughter never stops tossing and turning.
In the same room she disturbed me more in the other be than my son in the same bed


Crockof Wed 25-Sep-19 21:48:02

Yes, either sex.

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