18yo daughter going to uni but troubled relationships

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Laurie01 Fri 30-Aug-19 13:10:53

My 18yo daughter is going to uni in a couple of weeks and right now we are just fighting! Everything I say is wrong, if I dare suggest anything, I'm wrong. I don't think she realises how easy she currently has it and am almost looking forward to her leaving and experiencing being woken up in the night by others making noise, not having clean washing unless she does it herself, going to get a plate/bowl/pan and no one has washed them, running out of milk unless she remembers to get some, having to clean her own loo, etc, etc!!
But then I feel guilty that I feel this way. I look back on baby days and they seem so long ago. I have a 13yo son at home still and he is no trouble.
I'm looking forward to freedom so why do I feel so bad?

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SapatSea Fri 30-Aug-19 18:39:21

My DD really started to appreciate home after the trials and tribulations of living on campus in a shared student flat (with comlete strangers).

Don't sweat the small stuff for the next few weeks and try to do some nice things together. Your DD is probably nervous about moving out and going to uni and is kicking off and you are also nervous for her, sad about her moving on but know that it's time for her to find her feet. Lots of contrary emotions running rife.

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